Usually, mothers begin to wonder how much clothes and accessories a child needs for the first time. In order not to run around shopping after childbirth and not force relatives to do it, the Just Right team compiled a list of things that a newborn will need in the first months of life.

Children’s room

  1. Crib, orthopedic mattress, waterproof mattress topper, blanket, bed linen. Buying a pillow for babies under one year old is not advised. Crib bumpers and a canopy are more likely to be needed by parents for beauty — fabrics can collect additional dust around the baby, however, in summer, the canopy mesh can protect the baby from insects.
  2. You can ask relatives for a mobile phone for the month of the baby’s birth — at first it will not be useful, but then it will become a wonderful entertainment for the baby.
  3. Changing chest / table. Of course, you can also change clothes on the bed, but it will be much more convenient for mommy. You can choose a simpler option — a changing board
  4. Cocoon. This is not necessary at all, but it is very convenient to put the baby to sleep on the bed in it and not be afraid that the child will fall.
  5. Electric swing or hammock. Also not necessary, but again very convenient. It frees mom’s hands while the baby is swinging, you can take the hammock with you to the kitchen, to the bathroom and not leave the baby alone.
  6. Nightlight. There are options when the night light reacts to sound, which is also convenient.
  7. A small urn on a chest of drawers will come in handy — for napkins, cotton pads, etc., a trash can with a lid for diapers next to the chest of drawers and a basket for baby clothes.
  8. A baby monitor is your reliable assistant if your apartment has more than 2 rooms or you can put a stroller with a sleeping child on the balcony.


  1. Stroller. There are many options for complete sets of strollers, for example, with a 2-in-1 walking block or a 3-in-1 infant car seat
  2. For winter children, an envelope-blanket or a warm blanket is useful
  3. If you want more mobility — a sling or ergo backpack for a baby will come in handy, and if necessary, there are sling jackets or sling jackets for it — so these convenient accessories can be used at any time of the year.

Bathing and baby care

  1. Bath, slide or foam mattress for bathing. Soft washcloth. Water thermometer, ladle.
  2. Hygiene products: baby shampoo, bath foam, baby wash, diaper cream or powder, moisturizing emollient cream after bathing. Baby powder and fabric softener.
  3. A package of diapers for new born babies, disposable diapers, a package of hypoallergenic wet wipes. Cotton swabs with a limiter, cotton pads, a children’s comb for removing crusts, nail scissors with rounded ends.

Baby feeding

  1. For formula-fed babies, you will need: a bottle with a nipple, a brush for washing, a sterilizer and a heater.
  2. During the first days of breastfeeding, the mother may need a breast pump. If you plan to leave the baby, this unit will become an indispensable assistant.

Kid entertainment

  1. Baby soothing pacifier, pacifier holder and container
  2. A set of rattles with different colors and sounds — useful a little later
  3. The suspension in the stroller will be interesting for the baby closer to 3 months
  4. Various sensory toys
  5. Black and white pictures — perfectly stimulate the development of vision in the first months of life
  6. The developing rug is a good option for a gift for a baby on the bride.


  1. Soft baby towel
  2. Diapers. Even if you do not plan to swaddle your baby, they will come in handy to use them as towels, sheets, lay the baby on them for air baths. It is better to take 2-3 pieces from different fabrics — flanged, knitted, cotton.

Bib napkins are also a good addition.

  1. A set of clothes depending on the season:
  • bonnet with strings — 2-3 pcs.
  • anti-scratches — 2 pcs.
  • sleeveless bodysuit — 2-3 pcs.
  • bodysuit with long sleeves — 2-3 pcs.
  • jumpsuit with closed legs and handles — 2 pcs.
  • rompers / panties — 2 pcs.
  • jumpsuit or walking bag
  • fleece suit
  • cap
  • warm socks

Usually babies in the first couple of months wear clothes from 56 to 62 sizes.

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