Increasingly, you can hear about some miraculous system of child development named after Maria Montessori. We understand who she is, what kind of system she has and how to use it, in this article.

Who is Maria Montessori and what does she talk about?

Maria Montessori is an Italian physician and educator who exalted the theory of free education above all others. According to Montessori, parents should give independence to the child, allow them to use all the things that they themselves use, and then he will grow up as a fully developed person.

But how is this possible, because in our adult life there are so many dangerous things that cannot be entrusted to a child — too traumatic? At this very moment, smart toys come to the rescue, created just so that the baby can explore this world without harm to his health and the nerves of his parents. And one of these toys is a bizidomik.

All the pranks of the baby in one toy!

Remember yourself as a child: did you ever want to put your fingers in a socket? Do you remember how fun it was to turn the light on and off until mom came and started cursing? It seems that these little pranks are in the life of every child, and according to Montessori, such a desire to explore the world is completely normal and should be encouraged, and not vice versa. That is why a developing business house for children was created.

This is a universal toy, playing with which your baby will develop in several directions at once. The house is designed so that during an interesting game, the child can develop fine motor skills, interacting with elements from everyday life, logic, passing through various labyrinths, develop memory, learn colors, numbers and even learn to draw. It would seem impossible to collect so many skills in one toy, but we did it. By the way, in addition to the fact that the house comprehensively develops your child, it will occupy him for a long time and give parents time for themselves or for important things.

What elements are on the toy, are they safe and how will they be useful?

Each house consists of four walls, a two-sided roof and a bottom. We tried to use the free space as useful as possible, and therefore provided the toy with a lot of useful elements.

All parts are secured with safety rivets, which ensures that there are no sharp elements that could injure the child. And the house itself is made of natural wood, so there may be a slight smell of wood, which quickly disappears, and is painted with environmentally friendly international standard paint.

Parts of the bizidomik are polished so that it is not possible to plant a splinter, and they are also beautifully engraved in the form of animals and plants.

The double-sided roof consists of a sorting board with numbers, which contributes to the development of fine motor skills and memory, and from a slate board familiar to us from school times. With such a sorter, you can learn the names of numbers and colors, which will undoubtedly be useful to the baby in life, and on the board you can practice the acquired knowledge or simply draw with crayons that we give with the purchase of each house.

The four sides of the toy are a storehouse of knowledge and a space for entertaining games, because here your kid will have to figure out how to use a zipper and Velcro, how to tie bows and knots, what stickers are hidden under a bright circle and why geometric figures run so deftly through the maze? And besides that, he will finally be able to put his fingers into the socket safely for health and calmly for mom (Well, if you really want to, then why not?) And learn to open locks, hecks and hooks.

During the day — a toy, in the evening — a night light!

A novelty from Busymotik — a backlit bizidomik will become not just a favorite toy for your baby and will keep him occupied for a long time. He will not want to take his eyes off him even in the dark, while he is getting ready for bed and falling asleep, because at night he turns into a magical lamp with four lighting options!

Each house with white light comes with three light filters, which are enough to stick on the lamp and your house will light up with red, blue or green light! The light is switched on with a standard switch and powered by AAA batteries that are included.

How is he going?

Each house is assembled in about 5 minutes and is also easy to disassemble, especially since we include clear assembly instructions in the kit. Each box contains instructions, information about the company, details of the house, color filters for lighting, AAA batteries and crayons for drawing.

Made of plywood, it is quite light — weighing about 2 kg when assembled, but at the same time durable. For convenience, we have made a special handle on the roof so that you can move the bizidomik to any place. Also, the house has a solid bottom and you can store other toys inside it.

Maria Montessori would definitely appreciate the novelty, because it brought together her recommendations for raising children, beauty, environmental friendliness, safety and versatility of use. Sincere and genuine emotions of your baby, many minutes of exciting and useful games with him and some magical time that you can devote to yourself — and all this is BUSYMOTIK!


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