A long journey and…

Of course, the road. Let’s go, the fun begins! A parent’s nightmare. How to distract, what to attract, what to do so that this time goes smoothly for EVERYONE. Familiar?


These kits have been successfully tested on real fidgets of different ages. Therefore, we are pleased to present to you!


👍The most interesting, compact, useful games are collected in a convenient backpack. Which will captivate your children on the road, queues, brighten up the wait and develop different skills.

👍The games are selected so that the child develops from all sides: logic, motor skills, coordination, creativity, attention, ingenuity.

👍 All toys are available separately, but the set is more profitable.

👍 We took care of parents too: the set comes with a guide on a relaxing journey (tips), as well as a list of games that you can play with your children anywhere.


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