A balanced morning meal contributes to the proper functioning of metabolism, improved concentration and memory development. It has been proven that schoolchildren who do not skip breakfast are twice as productive during the day as other children!

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What to do if the child does not want to eat in the morning?

First, you should explain to your child how much benefit this seemingly insignificant meal can bring.

Secondly, it is not necessary to cook several dishes for breakfast or feed the child only healthy cereals. Believe me, one banana or a couple of sandwiches eaten voluntarily will bring no less benefit.

Thirdly, you can always invite the child in the evening to choose what he would like to eat in the morning. Still, desirable scrambled eggs are better than unwanted oatmeal.

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When should you have breakfast?

When choosing a time for breakfast, keep in mind that you can not eat in a hurry. Always allocate about 20-30 minutes for a measured breakfast. It seems that it is very difficult to find so much time before school, but this does not mean that it is not worth trying.

If the lessons start too early, then give the child food to go. Perhaps at home he will not have time to fully eat, but before the lesson or at the first break, he will definitely compensate for this.

What to drink your morning meal?

In the morning, we all need a drink that will invigorate and give energy for further activities. It would seem that coffee is the best option. But it was not there! Children under 10-12 years of age are strictly forbidden to drink coffee, as this can adversely affect the fragile nervous system. This drink can be offered to children over 12 years old, but you should not get too carried away with it either.

Ideal morning drinks are herbal or fruit teas. They also contain a lot of caffeine, but they have a more positive effect on the body.

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So what do you feed your baby?

As we have said, any breakfast should be balanced and nutritious. So, for a morning meal, perfect:

  • Scrambled eggs. They are prepared no more than 5 minutes, but at the same time they contain a large amount of proteins necessary for a growing body.
  • Cottage cheese casserole. This healthy and satisfying dish can be prepared in the evening, and only warmed up in the morning. The taste and benefits of this will not suffer at all.
  • Wafers. Although you should not eat a large amount of flour food for breakfast, sometimes you can cook delicious waffles with fruit or other healthy fillings.
  • Pancakes and fritters. What could be better than freshly made pancakes or pancakes in the morning? Such a delicacy can not only be eaten «piping hot», but also to take with you to school or kindergarten.

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