fleece suit — a very relevant wardrobe item, which is popular not only with adults, but also with children. It is characterized by amazing practicality and convenience, and also reliably protects from the cold.

In English, fleece means «sheep’s wool». Today, this fabric is made from polyester. This material has a number of features that allow it to be used for making high-quality clothing.

Fleece does not absorb moisture — he only spends it. This means that the material helps to wick sweat away from the body and keeps you warm. In addition, the fabric dries pretty quickly. If you wash such clothes in the evening, you can put them on your child in the morning.

Fleece is considered an unusually warm material.which is very important for a child. Initially, the fabric was invented as an alternative to wool, and its main function is to keep warm.

Fleece is perfect childrenwho suffer from allergies. Toddlers who can’t wear woolen or downy clothes may well wear fleece suits.

This material allows the skin to breathe. A child in such a suit will not sweat. At the same time, fleece does not protect very well from the wind. Therefore, in bad weather, fleece suits should be combined with a warm top — a jacket or vest. For babies, a warm envelope should be used.

Fleece is highly elastic. Sweatshirts and pants made of this fabric do not restrict movement and provide amazing comfort. This fabric is very delicate and soft to the touch. It does not cause discomfort in children. However, it is important to consider that such suits cannot be dried over a fire — they are quite flammable.

Fleece suits are quite thin, so they can be combined with a jacket. Such a combination will not constrain movements and at the same time is great for winter. As additions, it is worth choosing suitable accessories and warm shoes.

An excellent option would be a fleece tracksuit. Such models are well suited for performing physical exercises on the street and just walking. They should be combined with comfortable shoes — sneakers or sneakers.


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