The only thing more important than brushing your teeth is brushing your child’s teeth. Do you agree? How to make sure that the baby coped and cleaned even hard-to-reach places? ON WHITE children’s flossers come to the rescue.

ON WHITE children’s flossers are friendship at first sight. Colorful, cute giraffes will make brushing your teeth a fun activity, and the child will happily spend extra minutes in the bathroom.

Flossers are an essential tool for oral care. They help to clean interdental spaces where brushing cannot reach. Flossers remove food debris and plaque, reducing cavities.

Why do parents choose ON WHITE flossers?

🦒Ergonomic handle. They are convenient to hold for both a child and an adult if help is needed.

🦒Thin heavy-duty floss gently and effectively cleans interdental spaces. The strawberry flavor of the floss will be a pleasant addition to the process of brushing your teeth, freshening your breath. 🍓

🦒Regular use of flossers helps the proper formation of enamel and the health of the child’s teeth.

🦒 Care for nature, as the body of flossers consists of biodegradable corn starch.

🦒 One package is enough for 2 months of daily use.

Help your child develop good dental habits with ON WHITE flossers. Make sure brushing your teeth can lift your spirits.


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