Kindergarten graduations are coming soon, so now is the time to think about what your daughter will shine in at the celebration!

After all, a prom in kindergarten is an important event for every girl and her mother, so many questions arise about choosing a dress. You need to decide on the color and style, choose accessories for the dress, think through everything to the smallest detail, but now we are talking about the most important thing.

Here, in our opinion, are the basic principles for choosing the right dress for a girl.

one. Originality

Agree, you would not want to come to the prom and find 2 or 3 more girls in your own dress! Therefore, advice: choose models that are on sale for no more than 1.5 — 2 years, and are better produced in limited series. Such models cannot always be in stock, this is a sign of mass character. And the mass character is not suitable for the princess, which means that she is undesirable for graduation! Therefore, we offer limited editions — no more than 50 units of each model.

2. Splendor is equal to solemnity!

A dress for a real princess should look exactly like this — lush. For more than one century, a fluffy dress has been the object of desire for many children and ourselves. If you don’t put on a puff now, then when else, only for a wedding, so don’t miss the opportunity to become a queen and choose a puff!

The only amendment, splendor should be natural, and not due to additional devices. We do not save on materials, look, the skirt of the dress consists of 5 layers of tulle, 1 layer of taffet and lining. Due to this layering, magnificent splendor is created. It turns out nice and comfortable.

3. Disposable dress — money down the drain!

The child is growing very quickly and the dress that perfectly fit the figure 3 months ago is already pressing and squeezing the child. It’s called: frustration and money down the drain! Therefore, we advise you to choose models with the ability to adjust the corset. Our dresses are made with lacing on the corset. And there are only pluses: lacing will adjust the perfect fit of the dress according to the figure, and will also make it possible to use the dress for several seasons. For example, for graduation and birthday, or for graduation and New Year. A beautiful dress is an expensive thing that you would like to use for as long as possible. The ability to wear it for several seasons is both beautiful and profitable!

And the rest — short, midi or long, white, red, blue or other colors, with flowers, with bows or sparkles — this is a matter of taste for a little princess, and here we are not advisers! It’s true what they say: there is no comrade for the taste and color! Therefore, we have developed more than 50 models of various colors and styles. Choose and be the most beautiful!


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