Pants are a comfortable, practical thing that every child has in their wardrobe. They are comfortable to walk on the street, and play, and play sports, and you can wear them to kindergarten, school, and at home. Both boys and girls should have several trousers in their closet for any season, from different materials and different styles.

What should you pay attention to when choosing pants for children?

1. Material

For summer wear, it is better to choose trousers for girls, trousers for boys made of natural “breathable” knitwear — in such clothes the child will be comfortable and will not overheat in the heat: double-thread footer, fleece footer, interlock, cooler. To increase strength and wear resistance, a small amount of lycra is acceptable. For winter or autumn, you can buy warm fleece pants — this fabric is able to retain heat well even when wet, if the baby sweats while walking.

2. Cut

Children love to run, jump and move actively, so trousers should not hinder movements, squeeze the body, causing discomfort.

Size 3

Toddlers grow very quickly, so pants should be purchased with a margin. Models that have cuffs and a drawstring at the waist are easily adjustable in size.

5. Style

It is better for very young children to buy models without additional decorative elements that the baby can tear off, swallow, hook. Simple plain pants will look stylish with a bright T-shirt or an unusual sweatshirt. For example, TM «Utenok» joggers go well with an unobtrusive T-shirt or turtleneck.

4. Color

Here it is necessary to focus on the color preferences of the child himself. Boys, as a rule, prefer practical, «masculine» colors: blue, gray, black and others. But girls choose both bright colors and dark ones.

5. Care

Children’s clothes have to be washed frequently, so they should be able to withstand washing well. It is better to wash pants made of natural knitwear in a manual or delicate mode at a temperature of 30 degrees and a spin cycle of 400 revolutions. Then your favorite thing will last a long time, while maintaining its original appearance.

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