Today, with the help of TM BOTTILINI, we will learn a little more about children’s preventive footwear. We are distinguished by high quality workmanship and are positioned as inexpensive preventive shoes with the correct anatomical shape for optimal conditions for maintaining the health of children’s feet.

Let’s move on to the characteristics of TM BOTTILINI shoes and find out why they are considered preventive:

  1. Rigid high back with elongated wings. Inside the heel counter is a double thermoplastic. It is he who provides rigidity, does not deform if stepped on, and does not get wet. The wings cover the entire heel and prevent the foot from falling in and out.
  2. The layout of the arch of the foot with a pronounced arch support. The insole has an anatomical profile and unloads the child’s musculoskeletal system.
  3. BOTTILINI shoes are made of high quality natural leather (top and lining), which allows the foot to breathe. The skin perfectly absorbs excess moisture and takes the shape of the foot.
  4. One-piece lining without unnecessary seams, so that the shoes do not rub the child’s foot.
  5. The Thomas heel with an extended inner part, just like the inner wing, prevents the foot from falling inward when walking.
  6. Elastic sole with a natural roll in the beam zone of the foot.

The TM BOTTILINI portfolio contains the following shoe lines:

  1. Sandals and shoes for the first step with elements of prevention.
  2. School shoes and low shoes;
  3. Preventive sandals and shoes;
  4. Comfort collection for all seasons (sneakers, boots, low shoes) on leather lining, bike and wool.

Here are some of our top sellers:


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