The last bell is a special holiday not only for high school students, for whom the school bell sounds for the last time, but also for those who finish their first school year this year, for primary school graduates and just for all schoolchildren, because the lessons are coming to an end, which means that the holidays are ahead and the long-awaited summer full of adventures and fun. We have prepared a selection of children’s shoes from the Spanish brand PABLOSKY, which will be perfect for this event, as well as complement an elegant look for any other holiday. Let’s start with more classic shoes and finish with trendy shoes from the spring-summer 2021 collection.

Classics for girls

Marie Jane shoes are made of soft natural leather, but PABLOSKY not only uses eco-friendly leather from the best Italian manufacturers in its models, but also chooses the most interesting colors and types of leather for children’s models. These are shiny lacquered shoes, and shoes with a mother-of-pearl tint, as well as with the technique of laser leather processing. The sole of all models of shoes is flexible, the heel is compacted, and the toe is rounded, which allows you to leave space for the freedom of your fingers.

Shoes for girls are not only comfortable, they are also very elegant. Interesting decorative details in the form of perforations, decorative stitching and bows give such models an elegant look, they can be safely put on both for a holiday and in everyday life.

Classic for boys

This season there are many models made of suede leather, because it is a very soft, breathable and adaptable material that is ideal for the warm season. As with the girls’ shoes, the boys’ models have a super flexible sole, a tight heel counter and a protected toe.

Soft moccasins and comfortable low shoes are absolute must-haves for spring and summer 2021. This season, warm natural shades, denim color and perforations are in fashion.

Fashionable ballet flats

The design of the shoes follows the global fashion trends of this season: champagne color, mother-of-pearl and metallic shades, tie-dye print, sequins and much more. These models are very practical — they can be worn like ballerinas, lowering the elastic band down, or you can leave the elastic band at the top so that it gently holds the foot.

For younger siblings

The PABLOSKY brand has created a special line of shoes for the little ones — Stepeasy. Each model of this series was developed with the participation of orthopedists and pediatricians, provides maximum comfort while wearing and takes care of the correct development of the baby’s feet, without limiting their sensitivity.

Stepeasy models are in no way inferior to the beauty and design of models for older kids, because you can follow fashion from the very first steps.

It is important to remember that elegant shoes should not only be beautiful, but above all, they should be comfortable and contribute to the proper development of children’s legs.

Choosing shoes, moccasins and low shoes PABLOSKY your child will look very stylish, and his little feet will be as comfortable as possible throughout the whole time.


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