If in order to go for a walk in the cold season, children definitely need to wear tights, then indoors it is enough to put socks on for a child: in homes, kindergartens and schools it is always warm. We decided to help you with the choice and found socks for both babies and older boys and girls.

Dealing with composition

Despite the fact that many manufacturers offer socks from completely different materials, it is still better to opt for socks made from natural materials: linen, wool and, of course, cotton. By the way, cotton socks are the most popular today. Often, manufacturers add synthetic threads to the composition to extend the life of the product. When choosing, pay attention to the label: cotton socks, which include polyamide and elastane, will last you a long time. A big plus of socks made of these materials is that the baby will be comfortable in them, the legs will not sweat and freeze.

How to correctly determine the size of socks?

When choosing socks for a child, remember that size affects how active your child will be. If the socks are small, they will begin to slip on the heel, but if you buy socks “for growth”, then they will gather “into an accordion”. In order not to be mistaken with the size, you can measure the foot in two ways:

  1. Ask the child to put the foot on a sheet of paper, circle the foot with a pencil and measure it with a ruler.
  2. Measure your foot with a tape measure or ruler from toe to heel.

Compare your foot length with the size chart provided by the manufacturer.

Models for boys

Models from this collection will become a real lifesaver for boys: you can walk in them at home, in kindergarten, at a party. Also give as a gift for any occasion.

School socks

Boys from school start wearing socks more often than tights. The set includes 5 pairs of socks — you don’t have to constantly remember that the socks need to be washed, otherwise the child will have nothing to wear to school. This supply is enough for the whole week, and the baby will go to school every day in fresh socks.

Models for girls

As long as the weather remains warm outside in autumn, you can take a walk in socks. For girls, there are cute and gentle options. They will look good if you roll up your jeans or wear cropped sweatpants.

Toddler socks with stoppers

When the baby is just starting to take the first steps, it is very important that it is safe. Socks with stoppers will help to avoid injuries and protect the baby from slipping.

Why choose ECOSOCKS socks?

The socks from our selection are made by ECOSOCKS. In the production of products, knitting machines of famous Italian brands «LONATI», «DINEMA» are used. A feature of these machines is the ability to produce socks with a soft anatomical elastic band, with a knitted seam (almost invisible), which greatly enhances the comfort of products. These qualities allow you to protect children’s legs from rubbing and swelling, prevent socks from twisting and sliding.

And let the legs of your kids be warm and comfortable!


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