Curve C, SS, D, L, M — Eyelash extensions

The final result of building always depends on the right choice of consumables. Everything matters: length, thickness, bending of artificial villi. They help to correct the shape of the eyes, make the look as expressive as possible.

What are the eyes?

The thickness and curl should be chosen depending on the location and size of the eyes. According to the type of incision, they can be slit-like, almond-shaped.

Size — big, small, round.

According to the depth of planting — deep planted, convex.

According to the location on the face — close or widely spaced.

The classical form is characterized by the location of the central axis coming through the pupil from the outer to the inner corner in the horizontal plane. If this line is raised, the eyes have an oriental type. For Europeans, the axis is directed slightly downward.

How to choose

As mentioned above, there are several types of bending of artificial villi. Let’s look at the main ones:

1. Eyelash extensions with a C curve. A great option to achieve the visual effect of wide-open eyes. Looks like lashes are curled up with mascara. Makes the look more expressive.

2. Eyelash extensions with a D curve. One of the most curled options. Attaches along the entire growth line of natural hairs, excluding vellus. With its use, you can achieve a «puppet» effect. The eyes become more round, hanging eyelids are successfully masked. It is believed that this type of perm emphasizes femininity.

3. Eyelash extensions with an L bend. This option is best for women with an Asian cut or deep-set organs of vision. It will also look good on girls who wear glasses. Sometimes it is referred to to emphasize the outer corner. Is the most extravagant.

4. Eyelash extensions with SS bend. It will help to achieve the visual effect of the most opened eyes. Like women who actively use mascara and cosmetics. The look becomes more open, open, attractive. Looks stunning.

So, the bend is selected, the procedure is carried out, what to do next?

Proper care

1. After the procedure, do not wet your face for three hours. During this time, the glue will absorb and dry.

2. Do not rub your face with your hands, do not sleep on your stomach, do not pull artificial villi — mechanical impact will not benefit your appearance.

3. Do not apply mascara to false eyelashes. But if you had to, remove it gently with cotton swabs.

4. It is impossible to use caring preparations. They dissolve the glue.

5. Within a few days after building up, refrain from visiting the sauna or bath.

6. Wear glasses? Do not choose long hairs, they will constantly break when touched with glasses.

7. Comb your eyelashes with a special brush. The expressive look is real. The main thing is to contact a good lashmaker. He will select the eyelashes that are perfect for you.


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