August is the last month of the summer holidays and the time when parents spend all their energy getting their child to school. Find a school uniform, buy stationery and textbooks, and most importantly, the right backpack. After all, it is important not only how many accessories fit in it, but the health of the back and the correct posture of the child.

And here parents find themselves in a difficult situation: there are dozens of brands on the market, and there are too many models of backpacks and knapsacks to count! However, popular products in this category do not always withstand the first half of the year and are torn in the first month of classes.

Therefore, here are eight points of a quality backpack that are useful to pay attention to when buying:

  • orthopedic back with dense pads that follow the line of the back;
  • light weight — up to 800-900 grams, so that the child does not get tired;
  • wide and soft shoulder straps that are adjustable to the height of the child and do not put pressure on the shoulders;
  • reinforced with additional seams for attaching handles and straps so that they do not tear after the first quarter;
  • a rigid frame, thanks to which the satchel will retain its shape until the end of the school year;
  • a strong plastic bottom or a bottom with plastic legs that protect against contamination if the child puts the satchel on the ground;
  • capacious pockets and organizers to keep things in order;
  • reliable zippers, eyelets and fasteners that are easy to open and close.

Backpack for first graders and younger students

When a little man goes to first grade, a heavy and uncomfortable backpack behind his back will spoil the first impressions of the school: the child will feel uncomfortable at the first call, and during the lessons his back may even hurt. There will be no time for studying!

Therefore, when choosing a satchel or backpack for elementary grades, check whether it is heavy or light, and give preference to a model that will not outweigh the baby.

Each model of the ErgoLine backpack has a minimum weight, which is indicated on the tag on the front side. At the same time, the backpacks retain their functionality, so you don’t have to worry that all school supplies won’t fit.

The lock in the backpacks is made of heavy-duty polycarbonate with reflective elements and is fixed on a special textile insert.

It is important to note that the back and the inner side of the straps of the backpacks are made of breathable AirMesh material with a 3D fiber structure: the child will be able to wear the backpack all day and his back will not sweat.

In addition, the knapsacks of this series have special plastic legs on the bottom that protect the bottom, which contributes to a more durable use.

Backpack for high school students

Older kids love backpacks in bright colors to help them stand out from their classmates. But with all the beauty of the backpack, its main function is to be roomy and comfortable.

The EasyLine line of backpacks meets all the parameters of a high-quality backpack, with which a high school student will be comfortable.

You can choose the Light model, which is made of lightweight polyester, which allows you to fold the backpack to pocket size. For children who are constantly late, a backpack with a drawstring is suitable, which is easy to open in one motion. And for those students who are going to enter a university and cannot imagine life without a laptop, backpacks with two compartments are suitable.

IMPORTANT! All satchels and backpacks must have reflective elements that will ensure the safety of the child in the dark. In ErgoLine System models, such elements are provided.

And last hack…

For parents who save time and nerves, but at the same time want the best for their child, there is a great life hack. When choosing a backpack or satchel for your child, find out if this manufacturer produces other thematic products.

For example, ErichKrause also offers pencil cases, shoe bags, stationery, art supplies and much more for schoolchildren. In addition, you can collect these products in one design collection.

You do not have to figure out every time the quality of a particular product, and you will spend time only on putting together a complete set for a child’s school.

Good fees and excellent grades!


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