Many consultants say that choosing the right turf mixture is not an easy task, but… even the most complex issue can be easily solved if it is broken down into steps.

Let’s get started.

The first stage is the appointment.

Simply put, why do you need a lawn? Will you just look at him? Will you walk on it? Will children, dogs, guests play on it? Or will it be a playground? Here we must understand how serious the physical load on the lawn will be. With a high activity of use, it is worth taking a closer look at the Dutch lawn Barenbrug / Bar Power RPR / Regenerating Ultra or GreenPark / Sport Lawn of the same manufacturer.

If the load is small, then there are no special requirements in terms of regeneration or self-healing of the grass cover.

Move on. Stage two — growing conditions. Do you have a shady area? Or sometimes shade, sometimes sun? So, you need to take a lawn that will feel good both in the shade and in the sun — Shadow / Shade-tolerant Ultra, or Shadow / Old Park (Shade-tolerant) of the classic Yellow line, or GreenPark Shadow lawn / Shade-tolerant.

What is important, such a lawn — in comparison with others — begins to sprout at a lower temperature, which relieves the site of weeds growing on it. Its second feature is that it displaces moss from the site.

Third moment regarding care — how often and in a timely manner you can mow the lawn and water it. If infrequently, you should look at the Low-growing Ultra and Drought-resistant, both in the classic line and in the GreenPark line.

If the site is located in a place with average illumination, it will be used moderately aggressively, it is quite possible to be satisfied with a universal lawn — GreenPark Universal Lawn / Universal, or Universal / Cottage in the Yellow Line, or MowSaver / Undersized Ultra.

What else? Of course, the mixture for overseeding. it is needed when the old lawn turned out to be bald or thinned in the spring. to quickly restore the lawn, there are also special grass mixtures — for example — SOS lawn repair / Ultra overseeding. Universal mixtures are also quite suitable — Universal / Cottage, or GreenPark Budget lawn / Game — these mixtures have the ability to quickly form a grass cover.

That’s basically it. Finally, I will dwell on the possibilities of saving.

All lawns have a seeding rate — how many grams are required per square meter. For cheap lawns, it is 60-80, sometimes 100 grams per square meter. High-quality mixtures have an average of 40-50 grams. In Barenbrug lawns, this figure is 20-30 grams. That is, in order to sow one hundred square meters with our lawn, we need two or three kilograms of our mixture. Or four or five kilograms of a mixture produced by companies that are also considered quality lawn manufacturers. Or eight or ten kilograms of cheap herbs. Such mathematics. Buying, let’s say, inexpensive mixtures, you won’t be able to save.

On what to save? On packaging. If you need, for example, to sow two acres (about 5 kg of seeds from Barenbrug) — you should take one five-kilogram bag, and not five one-kilogram ones — the savings on the package will be 900 rubles. Accordingly, if you have six acres or more under the lawn — buy a 15-kg bag — you will win three or four thousand.

Good lawn and green mood!


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