Color blocks in clothes

The color block style is not a new fashion phenomenon, however, it is very popular. This style suggests the presence of 2-4 colors in the image. Saturated shades are often used, while they can be both bright and muted. Color block («color-block» from English — «color blocks») are always contrasting combinations of shades, where accents are placed as boldly as possible, with large color blocks.

The origins of this style of clothing are rooted in the middle of the last century. It is believed that the color block style appeared thanks to the Dutch artist Piet Mondrian, who laid the foundation for abstract painting. In clothing, this style appeared in the 1960s. Products with bright contrasting blocks were presented in the collection of Yves Saint Laurent, who was inspired by the works of the abstract artist. The combination of contrasting color blocks in clothes turned out to be so harmonious and spectacular that famous fashion designers have repeatedly returned to using this technique when creating outfits.

Needless to say, today this style is already an established trend. In the 80s and 90s, color blocking suddenly and very brightly broke into the world of sports. Major sports brands, as if by agreement, began to release unusually bright models of tracksuits, which immediately won the hearts of people around the world. Such sportswear looked unique and always attracted attention. Perhaps you didn’t know, but those most popular Adidas olympics in the 90s, which were definitely in every home, are the clearest manifestation of the color block style.

Today, the color block in the sports world is not losing ground. This is again trendy and fashionable, so on the streets and in the halls you can increasingly see people in tracksuits of this style. For those who do not like overly frilly accents, the color block offers incredibly delicate combinations of cream shades so that everyone can find their own! Tracksuits of this style are quite simple in cut, minimalistic and not overloaded, because the combination of several color segments is bold and catchy in itself, even if the shades are powdery. Color block suit by MIRA BEREG is the best embodiment of taste in color blocking. A harmonious combination of a straight cut and trendy shades, incredibly soft and high-quality fabric (3-thread footer of the Peñe category) and a perfect fit — everything merged into three color schemes of the coolest suit from the youth brand MIRA BEREG. It’s time to buy a suit and brighten up your season!


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