Compression stockings (CT) are stockings, stockings and tights for the prevention and treatment of diseases of the veins of the lower extremities. Working «on your feet», a sedentary lifestyle, pregnancy, preparation for surgery — all these are situations when wearing a CT scan is recommended.

Compression underwear tones the venous walls and normalizes the functioning of the vascular valves, exerting an external graduated pressure on them. Thanks to this, the outflow of blood from the legs to the heart improves, swelling and a feeling of heaviness disappear. A medical CT scan is not your ordinary underwear. The therapeutic and prophylactic effect of compression knitwear depends on a number of factors, and the effectiveness of its use depends on the correct selection of the product. In the article we tell you what to look for when buying.

Knee-highs, tights or stockings?

Compression hosiery should completely cover the problem area.

Buy golfif swelling and vascular pattern appeared below the knee.

Stockings necessary for congestion in the thigh area, below the level of the supporting elastic band.

Tights choose in cases where the length of the stocking is not enough and the vascular network passes directly under the elastic band. They are also suitable for people with wide hips. And for pregnant women, there are special tights with an elastic insert in the abdomen.

Not everyone agrees to wear tights or stockings. In this case, it is better to choose golfs than to completely refuse to wear CT.

Choosing a compression class

Medical jersey provides graduated compression: the pressure is maximum in the ankle area, decreases in the knee area and minimum on the thigh. The compression class is determined by the maximum pressure in the ankle area. There are four in total.

For 1st class it is 18–22 mm Hg. This jersey is designed to prevent venous insufficiency, swelling, pain in the legs. It is prescribed, for example, when visible vessels appear, the so-called meshes and stars.

CT class 2 (22–32 mm Hg) is needed for people with chronic venous insufficiency, severe edema, to prepare for surgery and further recovery. In the latter case, white knitwear is usually used with a hole in the foot, which is also called hospital. Its features allow you to maintain the necessary hygiene, and the doctor — to control the condition of the skin.

Products of 3rd and 4th class worn only for severe pathologies, such as lymphedema and elephantiasis.

The degree of compression must be selected together with the phlebologist!

Graduated distribution of compression promotes better outflow of venous blood.

How to determine the correct size of the product?

To select the B.Well rehab CT, use the height-weight table. Choose your size, even if you are used to wearing loose clothing. This way, wrinkles and discomfort when walking will not appear. For a non-standard figure, specify the girth values:

  • shins in the narrowest and widest part;
  • thighs just below the gluteal fold (for stockings and tights);
  • waist (for tights).

Open toe products are suitable for both men and women. For other models, we recommend additionally measuring the length of the foot. If picking up stockings or tights, check the length of the leg from the floor to the gluteal crease.

B.Well compression underwear size chart.

Why choose KT B.Well rehab?

The Swiss manufacturer B.Well develops compression knitwear taking into account the anatomical features of the legs. The pressure is distributed from the ankle to the knee and thigh in a proportion of 100-70-40%. This improves the outflow of venous blood.

The correctness of medical compression is verified by HATRA testing. It is recommended by British Standard BS6612 and eliminates the risk of quality control errors. Products are also tested for safety and hypoallergenic materials according to the Oeko-Tex standard.

The therapeutic effect of products is preserved at rest and during movement.

The anatomical design of B.Well stockings provides a snug fit and all-day comfort.

Among B.Well compression stockings there are universal models for men and women, such as stockings class 2 JW-227. The open toe is comfortable for any foot length. Thanks to him, stockings can be used as hospital knitwear. The soft elastic band with thin strips of silicone is elastic, does not rub, and is suitable for the thigh of any girth.

B.Well rehab compression underwear is not only a therapeutic and prophylactic effect, but also aesthetics. For example, stockings class 2 JW-222 make legs slim. The elastic band is decorated with elegant lace, and the toe part is transparent and invisible in dress shoes. Special weaving on the foot relieves fatigue, providing a massage effect.

B.Well guarantees the preservation of the therapeutic effect of CT for 6 months.

B.Well rehab compression stockings keep your legs healthy and beautiful. Choose CT using our advice so that wearing it will bring the expected results.


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