Fashion for one season? Well, no, this is not about women’s bikes! This universal thing will be with us for a long time, and this summer it should definitely appear in all fashionistas who want to successfully combine comfort and style, sport and chic.

How to choose the right bikes, we’ll talk now.

It is important to dwell on universal basic models that are suitable for sports activities and as an everyday option that allows you to combine different styles and techniques when compiling images. Bicycle shorts in black are the most basic option that will harmoniously fit into almost every outfit.

When buying, pay attention to the material from which the bike shorts are sewn. The choice is large, but it is important to remember that a product made of high-quality materials has a long service life, its surface does not roll or rub off.

Cycling shorts are not a simple thing, they can both emphasize your advantages and focus on your shortcomings. Therefore, it is especially important to choose the model that will be advantageous for your figure. For example, in order to lengthen the legs, visually make them slimmer, choose plain models with vertical seams. If you really like multi-colored prints, then make a choice in favor of the model where the pattern is located in the right places for the “push-up effect”.

An additional bonus of cycling shoes is a corrective function, which is provided by the presence of a wide belt. This detail helps to tighten the figure and create a beautiful feminine silhouette.

Well, in order to choose the latest novelties of the model, which are now at the peak of fashion, you can look at photos of popular people, the so-called opinion leaders, and among them choose the option that you like the most, not forgetting about the individual features of your figure.

Remember that cycling shorts go well with absolutely any “loose” top. They can be worn with wide-leg hoodies, oversized shirts, voluminous T-shirts, tailored loose-fitting jackets or trench coats a couple of sizes larger.

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