After quarantine, cooking at home has become a favorite hobby for many. Delicious pie or homemade pudding a great occasion to gather at the table with the whole family. We figure out what an amateur pastry chef will need in a home kitchen.


There are models of various shapes and sizes on the market: classic regular and curly. Forms are made of glass ceramics, steel and silicone. Stoneware, unlike metal, heats up evenly and contributes to delicate baking. Forms from quality steel with non-stick properties save from sticking, are not afraid of damage and serve for a long time. Elastic silicone models allow you to get desserts without damage. Such forms help to create real culinary masterpieces that will decorate the table. It is important to choose models from quality silicone, which is free of toxins and BPA and does not smoke during cooking. When buying a glass form, it is worth remembering that any heat-resistant glass, except for borosilicate glass, cannot withstand temperature extremes.

Dessert made in form Tarte Liberty Italian brand Silikomart


Any form should be lubricated with oil before use. Accessories allow you to process the shape or surface of the product without getting your hands dirty. Special culinary brushes will come to the rescue. Bristles happen silicone or natural. You should pay attention to the fact that the latter sheds over time.


The whisk allows you to mix ingredients, whip creams and mousses, achieve the perfect consistency of sauces without lumps. Gadgets are made of steel, plastic and even wheat fiber innovative eco-friendly material. There are models with separate silicone tipsthey prevent the accumulation of lumps inside the whisk and at the bottom of the container and protect the sides of the bowl from scratches.

Whisk of the British company Viners 35% wheat fiber

For dough preparation

Silicone mats help keep the countertop clean and non-slip when rolling. It is worth paying attention to models with dimensional divisions that help determine the desired dough diameter. Some cooking mats replace baking paper. Silicone does not stick to products in the oven, but it is worth making sure that the material is of high quality.

Joseph Joseph Roll-up Dough Mat easily rolled up and fastened with a button

The minimum set of a pastry chef will allow you to create desserts at home. Cook with pleasure.


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