The appearance of linear cracks in the arms and legs is a common problem that many people suffer from every day. According to the data, cracked heels appear in every third woman and fourth man over 40 years old, but the problem is diagnosed in teenagers and even children, especially when it comes to the formation of cracks in the hands.

Cracks in the arms and legs can become entry gates for infection. In addition, it hurts and can greatly affect your quality of life.

Causes of cracked fingers and toes

There are many of them, but they are divided into only two groups.

Internal (endogenous) causes

· Metabolic disease

· Endocrine diseases, e.g. diabetes, overweight, obesity

· Vitamin deficiency — hypovitaminosis

· allergic reactions

· Diseases of the digestive tract, liver, kidneys

· Flat feet and other hand and foot deformities

· Skin diseases: eczema, psoriasis, etc.

· Long-term medication

· Nutritional deficiencies, such as severe fat restriction

External (exogenous) causes

· Mismatched clothing and footwear, such as wearing tight, non-breathable shoes in summer, as well as wearing synthetic socks, rubber and latex gloves

· Climate and environmental features can cause circulatory disorders.

· Failure to comply with the rules of personal hygiene, in particular:

— errors and complications when performing manicure, pedicure, for example, the use of rough, abrasive techniques, non-compliance with the rules of septic and asepsis;

— prolonged exposure to chlorinated water;

— long walking on a hard surface without shoes and protection;

— dry skin due to various reasons.

Cracks in the arms and legs are recurrent in nature, therefore, during treatment, it is necessary to determine the cause of their appearance.

How to eliminate dryness and cracks on the fingers and toes, as well as feet

Any disease is easier to prevent than to treat after. Therefore, adhere to the basic rules of prevention.

First, when working in the garden or around the house, use protective gloves. This will help protect the skin of the hands from the aggressive effects of the environment and household chemicals. Prolonged and constant exposure leads to dryness of the skin, which leads to cracks.

Secondly, you must strictly adhere to the rules of hygiene, as well as skin care. Experts recommend the use of care and protective cosmetics, to abandon aggressive substances and procedures. Apply moisturizer or gel daily.

Thirdly, it is important to ensure the intake of vitamins and minerals in the body. The following nutrients should be present in sufficient quantities in the diet:

vitamins A, B7, C;

Minerals — calcium and magnesium.

With a deficiency of these substances, the likelihood of cracking on the fingers and toes, as well as on the feet, is highest.

How to smear deep cracks on the fingers, toes and feet

For the treatment and prevention of skin cracks, it is important to use healing creams or ointments. For example, a series of FingerFix and HillFix products from a Swiss manufacturer has a regenerating and protective effect. The composition of ointments contains exclusively herbal ingredients.


This is a cream for chapped skin of the hands, which has a pronounced regenerating effect. The unique vegetable formula of the cream creates a protective film on the skin, which contributes to the rapid reduction of discomfort.

The cream will help to cope with many problems, for example, with cracks, chafing and even small cuts.

The cream contains only herbal ingredients:

· Vegetable film formers;

· Olive and soybean oil, which provides rejuvenation, nutrition, and also saturates the skin with vitamins and minerals;

· Lecithin softens the skin, stimulates skin regeneration and has an anti-inflammatory effect;

· Citrus oil moisturizes the skin, saturates it with vitamins, minerals;

· The cream contains zinc, which stimulates regeneration and antiseptic action. This element takes an active part in the work of local immunity.

The cream also contains menthol, which not only has a cooling effect, but also stimulates microcirculation, which contributes to a speedy recovery. When applying the cream, there are no tingling and other unpleasant sensations.


This healing ointment, which quickly relieves pain, creates a protective layer on the surface of the skin, which promotes the natural regeneration of damaged skin. The presence of the film reduces discomfort, pain.

The main benefits of the cream include:

fast formation of a film and filling of a crack with cream;

stimulation of the regeneration of damaged skin;

Reducing pain and discomfort when walking and other physical contact.

The cream contains herbal ingredients, the active ingredients not only moisturize and restore the skin, but also reduce the external impact on skin damage.

How to apply FingerFix and HillFix creams

With clean, dry hands, a small amount of cream is applied to the crack. The main thing is that the skin is dry and clean. The cream is distributed along the length of the crack.

After the finger is moistened with water to activate the action of the cream and fix the result, turn it into a film. For greater reliability, it is recommended to seal the crack with a bandage or plaster and do not remove it until the next use of the cream.

The first pronounced results can be replaced after 2-3 days, and the full course is about 7 days. If necessary, the course of application can be extended.


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