Greetings to all readers! Today we will talk about the Evo Beauty Home Edition darsonval device, which I recently purchased from Wildberries. Is it worth buying a device? To whom can it be useful? Is a portable device as effective as a stationary unit? I decided to share with you my personal experience and information that I have collected using reliable sources. The article will be useful to those who are far from cosmetology and medicine, but want to learn more about the device.

The currents of d, Arsonval were investigated in 1891 by a French physiologist and named after him. He was the first to note the positive effect on the skin of currents of low strength (100-300 mA), but high voltage and frequency (215 MHz). The Darsonval apparatus became popular in the USSR as an element of physiotherapy. In medical institutions, the device was used to treat neuralgia, arthritis and many other diseases.

With the development of cosmetology, Darsonval migrated to beauty salons, where it is used after cleansing the dermis or as an independent procedure for problem skin. Disinfects the treated area, activates blood circulation and regeneration. The bactericidal and bacteriostatic effects were proven in 2015 by German, and in 2018 by American scientists.

Portable devices are used at home to combat wrinkles, acne and hair loss.

The device is packed in a gift box — an original gift for your best friend is ready! The kit includes 4 basic nozzles:

— mushroom-shaped — for the treatment and correction of large areas of the dermis (contact effect in circular motions);

— angular with a ball at the end — for remote point impact on acne (without touching the skin);

— reed — for exposure to delicate and sensitive areas (skin around the eyes, nose or lips);

— comb attachment — to strengthen and stimulate hair growth by improving microcirculation and nutrition of the hair follicles of the scalp.

Operating principle. Under the action of currents, vascular tone increases, blood circulation, metabolism and lymph flow increase, which helps to improve complexion, reduce edema and increase skin turgor. Darsonvalization reduces the sensitivity of pain receptors, which allows the device to be used as an effective analgesic. Currents reduce the release of sweat and sebum due to inhibition of the activity of sweat and sebaceous glands. In the process of darsonvalization, ozone is released, which has a bactericidal effect on microbes. That is why in cosmetology Darsonval is used to treat problem skin.

Indications for use:

— problem skin with acne;
— tired skin;
— pain syndrome, muscle spasms;
— alopecia (complete or partial);
— postoperative edema and inflammation (plastic surgery).

ACTUALLY! On the skin of the face is applied in doses, sporadically. Frequent use can lead to unwanted hair growth.

It has been proven effective in alopecia (partial or complete hair loss), especially due to stress and lack of blood circulation in the head and neck area for various reasons. Course — up to 10-15 procedures with daily use. After the procedure, it is recommended to apply nourishing hair products (serum, mask) to the scalp. This will enhance the effect.

Smooth power control is one of the advantages of the device. To treat the face, set the power mode with a comfortable light tingling. The exposure time is 3-5 minutes.

Sterilization of high-frequency electrodes in a glass of alcohol, preferably 70%.

You can read all the necessary information on the application in the Russian-language instructions that come with the device. All customers have access to technical support and an extended warranty.

Useful advice: for acne, it is recommended to carry out the procedure using antiseptic powder or a clay mask, which will have an additional antiseptic effect on the skin and prevent the spread of microbes.

Treatment of acne requires complex treatment. But if you don’t have the opportunity to visit a beautician for any reason, or you want to add to your skin care collection, you can use the device at home — it’s available to everyone!

Darsonval is a medical device that also has contraindications. Therefore, before using, consult a cosmetologist and a doctor.


— neoplasms;
— tuberculosis;
— hersutism (excessive growth of hair on the body);
— epilepsy;
— the presence of a pacemaker;
— thrombophlebitis;
— rosacea, rosacea;
— hypertonic disease;
— pregnancy.

Personal experience. I did hair therapy for 2 weeks. The condition of the hair has improved: they have become shiny and stronger. The result obtained was satisfied. My pimples are spotty, usually on my back or forehead. I used the appropriate nozzle, acted on blackheads at a short distance. Literally the next day they became smaller.

I hope that the information I have gathered has been helpful. Buying a device is a good investment of money and savings on a beauty salon. A safe and useful helper for skin and hair care in your home! I recommend to buy!


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