Today, freeze-dried treats are actively advertised. On the manufacturer’s websites you can find a comparison between drying and freeze drying, not freeze drying, they call drying at high temperatures (above 85°C or 185°F). Although, the only person in my memory who dried something at such a temperature was my mother, and the drying product was bread crackers, and the equipment was a stove in the communal kitchen. Times were tough, you know. Why the propagandists of freeze-dried food decided that we dry the tripe at a temperature of 85 ° C is not entirely clear to me.

Obviously, sublimated products can be stored indefinitely and this is beneficial to merchants. While dried products have an expiration date and are subject to disposal if they are not sold. In the same scar, when dried, probiotics are preserved, so necessary for the intestinal flora of your four-legged friend. A sublimated scar, you will not believe it, but it does not deteriorate at all. As a result, bacteria are no longer there.

How does the sublimation process take place? The product is first frozen, then it is placed in a chamber in which a vacuum is created. Then conditions are created under which the ice turns into steam. Bypassing the liquid state, the frozen product immediately turns into dry. By the way, this is how they prepared food for the astronauts. It was prepared this way precisely because no bacteria and microorganisms can be taken into space. It is simply forbidden, however, as in the Arctic. Scientists are not entirely clear how microbes will behave in space, so science is trying to protect the crew from any microorganisms and even bacteria.

Let’s imagine a production facility where sublimation of a beef lung or tripe takes place. What is this production? What is his portrait? If this is farming and beef lung is their by-product, then they need blast freezers to go from fresh to frozen and then freeze-dry. Obviously, freezing and subsequent sublimation leads to an increase in the cost of the product. After all, this is additional equipment, electricity, logistics, wage fund for people and time.

If we take a production that buys frozen raw materials in large volumes and then sublimes them, then the commercial interest of such a business model is quite obvious. It is possible to sublimate products even of draft age (which have lain for more than 10-17 years in freezing). Moreover, after freezing and sublimation, even expired raw materials acquire a presentation. Draw your own conclusion. We just expressed our opinion in this article. If you disagree, or have a different point of view, please express it in the comments. We will be grateful for any opinion, especially if you are an experienced dog breeder. Health to you and your pets!


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