The vast world of fine arts allows you to fully enjoy the popular types of creativity. We will tell you how to use our kit to master the technique diamond mosaic.

Many of us at least once in our lives have a desire to try our hand at a new hobby, to feel like a talented artist… Digital creativity is certainly an impressive hobby, as a result of which iridescent picture.

Advantages such creative activity:

— relaxation,

— great emotions

— development of concentration and diligence,

— developing interest in the result,

– achieving a voluminous and shimmering composition,

— the opportunity to make an original gift to loved ones,

— an unusual decoration for the house,

— implementation of author’s ideas in a small format.

A leisurely process will help you smoothly switch from endless worries to pleasant activities. Step by step, filling each row of your picture with artificial elements, you will be interested in how the result will turn out. Maximum precision and accuracy is achieved in the course of a measured performance of work. Your finished work with an interesting, author’s plot can become an exclusive element of decor in the interior.

Compact set from the series Diamond Mosaic from the company «Snow White» contains everything you need.

We have prepared for you thick canvas, on the surface of which a color scheme with symbols is applied. He covered adhesivem layer and a protective film that prevents the glue from drying out.

In the process of laying out, you will need metal tweezers, a tray with cells and a kit square acrylic stones on 9 and 13 faces. Our artificial pebbles are made of epoxy resin composite material, which guarantees high strength, moderate shrinkage and wear resistance.

In laying out a diamond mosaic, you will also need an extra tube of glue and a leaflet-key to the scheme.

Create is great! But even more beautiful is to be able to enjoy your bright work, which will endlessly please the eye.


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