A study in Sweden found that behavioral problems in dogs (eg aggression, excessive barking and fearfulness) are often caused by back pain. With such diseases, 63% of dogs out of 424 subjects were identified. The spinal segments were damaged: lumbar — 73%, thoracic — 67%, cervical — 27%. Of these, 56% of the dogs had behavioral problems (42% with aggression and stress, and 13% with shyness). Data taken from A. Hallgren’s book «Behavior Problems — or Back Pain?», where you can learn more about the results of the study.

The use of planers and chokes can lead to serious damage to the cervical vertebrae, neck muscles, irritation and pinching of the throat. Therefore, if you drive a dog on a collar, it should be wide and soft.

Therefore, our equipment for dogs is developed and improved in close cooperation with specialists from cynological centers and equestrian clubs. Anatomical collars for dogs and cats are available today.

The difference between the anatomical ammunition is the presence of a soft additional layer under the main one, which maximally repeats the relief of the contact point of the collar with the body of the animal. The collar for small breeds of dogs is easy to care for, the ammunition is easy to clean and the pet’s body breathes due to natural materials. Anatomical collar prevents tearing and wrinkling of wool, as well as eliminates chafing. The product is made of high quality natural leather of Russian production.

Take care of your dogs and use only humane ammunition! This will further strengthen your contact and trust with the animal.


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