Yes, and this is not a joke — a mixer can save not only water, but also money. The unique KEY-ECO kit from the Rostov Plumbing Manufactory was created specifically to reduce water consumption.

Our studies with different pressures and water compositions have proven that the aerator from the KEY-ECO kit consistently saves 45-55% of water. With this expense, you will save about 500 rubles a month on utility bills.

With the help of the KEY-ECO set, you can install a water-saving aerator on any faucet in 5 minutes. This is a special nozzle on the «spout» of the mixer, which disperses the water flow into many small ones, saturates them with air bubbles without compromising the pressure of the jet. At the same time, the water becomes softer, noise and splashes are less. Forget about extra expenses. Save with pleasure!


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