Hello! Answering this question «quickly in my head», I really realized that this is a good topic for posting and thinking.

Lunar cycles, lunar days, lunar days — everyone around them is watching, observing and honoring. But why?

If, let’s be honest, 50% of people in my recent telegram survey admitted that they did not know and did not think about the fact that «the moon does not shine», does not emit its own light. It just reflects the sun. And with such knowledge about the moon, everyone will certainly need to observe such an important (is it such?) moment as the lunar cycle.

And the question is «on which lunar day to light your red / green / black / any candle.» It can only be compared in popularity with the question «what to do with the leftovers») (although the answer to both of these questions is in bold in the instructions).

I do not intend to diminish the importance of our only satellite of the Earth, but let’s think about it. If the Moon reflects sunlight, why don’t we follow the cycles of the sun with the same trepidation? Elementary light day — filled with rituals from the very beginning of time!

We all know what the morning hours are used for, what energies are usually in the middle and end of the day. (I’m talking about the birth of new energy in the morning, about its dawn and culmination in the afternoon, and about its sunset in the evening). We all live in this cycle.

Does this «cycle of the day» remind you of the lunar cycle?
(The growing moon is from midnight to noon, the waning moon is from noon to midnight?) Isn’t this the same essence?)

So why do you decide that it is necessary to apply the lunar cycles? Is it because they are «promoted» by everyone?)

In your spell — you can use any energies close to you, who said that you need to get hung up on planetary objects? But what about elemental energies? Herbal energies? Religious energies after all.

So many options — don’t get hung up on just one!)


There are candles that are really, for working with lunar energy, this is article 71446611
All our other candles, and for the fulfillment of a wish (Article: 18611331) and envy (Article: 30852904) and even our hit «Happy Week» (Article: 34725860) you can burn any day! Listen to yourself — women have a very powerful intuition about nature!)

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