Audrey Hepburn was very good at many things, and, no doubt, she knew how to choose accessories, including scarves and scarves — she knew how to wear them. It would seem that there is such a thing? However, many people forget how useful such a skill can be.

A simple cut is the progenitor of all styles of clothing. Both the ancient Greek mantle, and the Indian sari, and the Japanese kimono consist of separate pieces or a piece of fabric, they are draped and fixed in a special way. In the modern world, a simple rectangle made of matter has not only not lost its position, but has also earned the fame of one of the most versatile accessories. A scarf, scarf or stole can be a bright accent of the image or part of a unique style. At the same time, these are still quite functional wardrobe items.

How can you use different shawls and scarves?

For summer and heat

There are very light options made of cotton. It is breathable and hygroscopic material. It is not hot and at the same time it can serve as protection from the sun. In addition, cotton does not stretch, it lasts for a long time, and modern fabrics are almost not subject to shrinkage and come in a variety of colors, including bright colors.

For example, a thin Wrinkled Cotton Scarf (size 190 cm * 90 cm) can be used both as a scarf, and from protection from the summer sun, thrown over the shoulders, and as a pareo on the beach. Particularly hardened ones may even try to wear it under a jacket or coat in autumn weather. The cool muted red color of the stole is almost universal, and the crinkled structure of the fabric allows you to tie it casually.

There are thinner printed cotton stoles in the same size. Blue and beige striped options look concise and stylish, they can be combined with sets of a marine theme, they go well with other summer accessories — light and beige shoes, straw hats and light panamas, light blouses. Perfectly complement the urban image, or perfectly serve as a pareo. If it becomes cool on a summer evening, then such a light tippet may well solve the problem, especially if it is folded into 2-4 layers.

For those who prefer brighter colors, there are two-tone yellow-beige and yellow-turquoise stoles, where a bright accent is added to the discreet beige. There is also a more delicate option — turquoise striped. Choose the one that suits you best.

Universal Options

Those who prefer a smoother and denser fabric structure will like modal stoles (usually bamboo fiber is used to make it). There are gray-blue or beige-pink options to choose from. These stoles can also be used in colder weather or to protect yourself from the air conditioner in summer. In addition, unlike cotton, modal is less wrinkled and flows beautifully. Therefore, such a scarf can be beautifully draped and even made into a real summer top, blouse, or dress, since the size (the same 190 cm * 90 cm) allows it.

classic shawls

If the scarf or scarf is small, then this does not mean at all that they are of less use. Size 90 cm * 90 cm is suitable for almost everything — such a product can be beautifully tied like a neckerchief, and cover your head with it, and also throw it over your shoulders.

For example, a scarf with a black and white geometric pattern in silk blend will look great with a strict jacket, coat or elegant blouse. It is also suitable for decorating a lady’s bag.

Scarves 70 cm * 70 cm are also almost universal. You can have a lot of them to choose according to your mood. Take a closer look at the calm pink “ORNATION” scarf with coffee “cucumbers” (paisley ornament) and piping, the stylish “HOLIDAY” — soft pink with bright polka dots with a laconic gray border, or the warm beige-pink “DUO”. The latter has 2 main color zones — focus on one of them by tying in different ways. All scarves have a silky structure, but are very wearable, as they are made of a blended fabric with 20% silk and 80% viscose.

Neckerchiefs and scarves

Even more interesting accessories can be scarves. Oddly enough, tying a beautifully long scarf is much easier than a square scarf, and there are many ways to wear them too. For example, a 100 cm * 30 cm neckerchief with a classic houndstooth pattern and bright red accents along the edges can dilute and enliven an office look.

Narrow and thin scarves are good as a hair band or even a belt. By the way, such a scarf does not have to be strict. A scarf as an accessory is good because it can magically make any neutral jeans with a simple T-shirt interesting, and turn a straight skirt with a blouse into both an official uniform and a romantic outfit. For example, a dark blue scarf with dark caramel bears print will make the image of an urban fashionista relaxed and less serious.

The list of benefits and options for using scarves and shawls is endless. It is not at all necessary to use them only in the way everyone is used to — come up with new images, try new colors, new options. Experiment and find your own unique style. Remembering the sophisticated Audrey Hepburn, we see her in a laconic scarf tied under her chin. You can also create your own image, no less bright and charming. Maybe you use a long scarf for him, tying it in a fancy knot, or maybe a bright stole. A simple rectangular piece of matter is good because it is absolutely universal and at the same time, like nothing else, is able to show your individuality.


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