The best gift is a handmade one. You can admire it at any time, brag to friends and it will keep memories of the holiday for a long time. Unusual flower vases that you can make yourself are one such memorable gift. Unlike natural flowers, such flowers will delight you and your loved ones for a long time.

What is included?

The DIY Vase «Merry Innovator» set includes everything you need to create an unusual flower arrangement:

  • wooden vase — 1 pc.,
  • soft playing mass for modeling — 8 pcs.,
  • fabric flowers — 4 pcs.,
  • fabric-lace leaves — 1 pc.,
  • sticker with rhinestones — 1 pc.,
  • thin wire wires — 25 pcs.,
  • buttons of different colors and sizes — 50 pcs.

The set is made of high quality material that meets all international standards.

What age is this set for?

This craft kit will allow both adult and child to unleash their creative side by creating a unique creation that will be made by your own hands. The flower arrangement kit is not intended for children under 14 years of age. It is perfect for teenagers and any adult. However, if the child is fond of needlework, but he is not yet 14 years old, then you can collect a vase of flowers with him.

What is the use of the kit?

The set helps develop basic skills — fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and creativity. And if you want to spend more time with your child, then just create a flower arrangement together! So you can create something cool with your child and work as a team!

DIY Vase «Merry Innovator» craft kit will help develop or «wake up» your imagination, because each vase will have a unique pattern obtained with the help of play mass for modeling. The ability to create something of your own is a great addition to the portfolio of any modern person.

When to give?

This set is a great family gift for kids and adults for birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or other important occasion. It can be a hybrid DIY gift solution. You can purchase it and create a vase with your own hands, enjoying the process, and then give a unique composition to your loved ones so that it becomes a magical decoration for the interior.

How else to use?

By the way, after you create a unique flower vase, you can put it in a conspicuous place in your apartment or house, and it will become a wonderful decoration for any interior. For example, it can be placed in the living room or in the kitchen.

Flowers in a vase won’t wither and don’t need to be looked after, so you can admire them as much as you want. And if you still get tired of the assembled composition, then you can purchase additional rhinestone stickers and soft plasticine in order to change the design of the vase. In addition, you can make flowers yourself from any fabric and also put them in a vase. Don’t limit your imagination!


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