Do you want your child to expand their horizons and freely navigate the world around them? Open more informative books from the publishing house Clever!

Hundreds of curious facts about amazing countries and cities, about ancient cultures and traditions await the young reader.


Before you know it, geography and history will become your favorite subjects, and in the near future, teachers and classmates will be impressed by the brilliant reports of your child.

How children live around the world (5+)

How children live around the world

Someone lives in a tent in the middle of the desert, and someone lives in a tiny house on the water. Someone is used to sleeping in a bed, and someone — on an earthen floor. Our world is huge, people in it live very differently — it is important to correctly explain this to a child from an early age.

This amazing encyclopedia will tell in a fascinating way about the peculiarities of the life of children in different countries. You will be able to visit a traditional Mongolian yurt and drink mint tea in a real Moroccan riad, find out what it is customary to eat for breakfast in distant lands, how to build relationships with neighbors, in what matters kids help adults and much more.

How children around the world celebrate holidays (5+)

How children around the world celebrate holidays

Life would be boring without holidays, wouldn’t it? Plunge with your children into the atmosphere of the holidays, which are celebrated in different parts of the world! Watch how the inhabitants of distant lands, putting off all their affairs, forgetting about troubles, indulge in fun.

There are so many holidays in our multicultural world, many of which seem strange and unusual to us, but their meaning is always the same — people all over the world equally want happiness, prosperity and love. Join Kumbh Mela in India, Purim in Israel, Generosity in Singapore! By exploring unique customs and traditions, the little reader will expand their horizons, develop their imagination and emotional intelligence, and strengthen their memory.

Find and show. Great Civilizations (5+)

Find and show.  Great Civilizations

How did the ancient peoples live, where did they get food, what did they wear, what did they build houses from, how did they defend their cities and what amazing discoveries did they make? What could be more exciting than traveling in a time machine? Embark on a journey and visit the ancient Egyptians and Aztecs, Vikings and Gauls. On each spread of the book, you can play «find and show», train your memory, attention and logical thinking.

Find and show. Famous cities of the world (5+)

Find and show.  Famous cities of the world

Stroll along the famous Champs-Elysées, have coffee with croissants and overlook the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Marvel at the giant skyscrapers of New York and get lost in the noisy, colorful bustle of New Delhi! All this can be done without even buying plane tickets, but simply by opening a wonderful, colorful Wimmelbuch. Curious facts about the most famous megacities of the world and interesting tasks await you at each turn, which will help you remember new information better.


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