Despite the fact that we were all looking forward to snow, we haven’t really seen it yet. And the soul asks for a winter fairy tale! Maybe go to the skating rink? This is really winter entertainment, plus after the holidays you can throw off a couple of kilos if you are active. We have compiled a selection of clothes for you that will definitely make you feel comfortable riding.


The skating rink is the place where you can show off in a stylish jacket. Do not choose models that are very warm, as you will be constantly on the move and you should not be hot. It is important that the jacket is not small for you and does not hang on you like a bag, so choose a model strictly according to size — in this case it will not restrict movement when skiing. Give up bulky down jackets and give preference to practicality and comfort. And, of course, choose bright colors, because they cheer up and are just in fashion now!


As they say, keep your feet warm! Be sure to wear leg warmers to keep warm on the skating rink. Choose models that contain wool and cover the knee. This will be additional protection for your knees if you accidentally fall.

Hat and scarf

Cold wind and snow should not be an obstacle in order to skate. Therefore, insulate your head so that it doesn’t puff into your ears, and your neck so that you don’t go down with a cough after the skating rink! Give preference to not too warm models — then you will not sweat.


Gloves will help cushion falls on your hands and protect your palms from minor injuries. What can we say about cold and frost?! Gloves will definitely protect you from them. Choose practical models that fit comfortably on your hand.


And finally! Don’t forget the most important thing — skates! 🙂

Skates are divided into three types:

  1. Fitness. In such models, the fit of the boot is comfortable, they are comfortable and they also have an original design. This type is suitable for those who are just learning to skate, as well as for those who prefer calm skating.
  2. Curly. They support the leg as much as possible, are stable on ice, the design is classic. The peculiarity of these skates is that there are notches on the front of the blade (they are longer and sharper than those of fitness skates), which help to perform the elements of figure skating. These skates are good for those who feel confident on the ice.
  3. Hockey. These models are particularly robust, impact-resistant, manoeuvrable and stable on ice. The main advantage of hockey skates is that they are designed to protect the foot from impacts. After all, hockey players often “catch” the puck with their feet, hit the sides or get hit with a stick on the skate. The toe and heel of this type of skate have a reinforced design. The blades of hockey skates are made of extra strong steel.

Well? Shall we ride?


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