«Simple things do not mean ordinary» — that’s what I thought when I received a new order. I will talk about this in detail in the format of a live review.

That week, out of habit, I looked at the marketplace to buy household chemicals, I must say that this habit was developed in order to both save time and budget (well, I don’t like to overpay and carry 5 kg bags of washing powder). So, I had a question, in addition to everything else, to take tablets for the dishwasher, given that the choice is not great now (proven products are mostly not on the market, but what is worth “like a wing from an airplane”) I often try new products. And this time I took 60 pieces of white Noti tablets for testing. the price for washing less than 16 rubles suits me perfectly and for two months you can forget about the shops.

The next day I took such a “black box”, just like in a field of miracles, I didn’t even understand at first that it had come. I got used to the fact that such things are sent in cardboard boxes, well, or packages, and then the “suitcase” Intrigue hung in the air and the first thing she began to unpack at home.

This is what it looks like without outer packaging (pimples and black stretch film)

Inside, a whole set was waiting for me (which I later read about on the product card). In general, I constantly buy something and don’t surprise me with useful gifts, for example, like gloves, but salt with tablets is right on topic. That is, I bought pills, filled in salt and that’s all — you don’t need to buy extra and store this salt on the kitchen shelves.

Separately, I was pleased with the packaging: each tablet is one to one, at first I just thought aesthetics, but if you remember the past experience of buying such products, capsules and tablets always came, at least a few, but broken (especially when it comes to delivery in packages).

And so if you figure it out — one sink = for example 15 rubles, out of 30 pieces about 5 are definitely broken — so one sink already turns out to be much more expensive In a word, I like this approach “what you paid for and got” without any tamping where damaged.

Yes, I really liked the plastic box itself, I already know that I will store washing powder in it. By the way, I looked at similar boxes on the marketplace — more than 300 rubles.

About the main thing: They wash and I must tell you very worthily, the pan said goodbye to the old soot, the glass shines and without smudges and plaque. Comparing with the popular red-blue washing agent one to one, only the white ones do not smell at all, and the cost is just right. Below is a product card:

Save comfortably, choose wisely!


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