pop itami (from the English pop it — “burst it”, the name “try” has taken root on the Russian-language Internet) are called silicone sheets with cells that make a pleasant sound when pressed, which resembles bursting bubbles on a packaging film. But the toy has an advantage: once you have finished pressing the pimples on one side, you can turn the sheet over and start popping again.

Simple Dimple works on a similar principle, but this toy, which differs in different sizes of pimples and their chaotic arrangement. The base for pimples comes in different shapes and sizes, and, for example, the smallest ones in the form of a keychain allow you to take it with you to burst anywhere.

What do they say about pop-it and simple-dimple?

It is believed that such toys for children are related to Montessori pedagogy, which is based on the method of free education, when children themselves learn and explore the world with the help of a developing environment and toys. For the development of fine motor skills, you can use simple objects — for example, invite your child to solve puzzles, string beads on a thread, or shift peas or beans, or buy a pop-it. Thus, toys not only relieve stress, but also develop.

Children and teenagers were the first to talk about new anti-stress toys in social networks — mainly in tiktok. Adult zoomers and millennials also found out about these toys from tiktok when some videos of young bloggers began to get into recommendations. If you go to their pages, you will notice that many of them are entirely devoted to toys.

How do they play with it?

It’s not uncommon for older tiktokers to portray bullying as a rather primitive hobby, but it’s really not. The number of possible ways to play with anti-stress, on the contrary, indicates a high level of ingenuity of children. Here is some of them.

— Exchange. Kids love to share their stress relievers. To do this, on a sheet of paper, buttons are drawn on both sides in the form of a checkmark, plus or cross. Then they offer a toy for exchange and receive a counter offer. If everyone is satisfied with everything, they “click” on the checkmark. If someone considers the exchange unequal, he can ask to add toys or refuse the transaction using the appropriate «buttons».

— Guess where the ball is. The number is written in the comments, and the tiktoker throws the ball under the pop-it and starts popping the pimples. If the commentator guesses the cell in which the ball lies, he won. As a reward, he can often get likes and a subscription from a pop-up.

— Pop-it for two. Two players alternately throw a die and each, for his part, begins to pop as many pimples as they fall out. The one who at the end does not have enough cells to click them lost.

— Freeze soda. Many bloggers try to freeze their favorite soda in pop-it cells and get delicious semi-circular ice cubes.

— Pop-it racing. The task is to burst all the cells of your pop-it in the shortest possible time.

— Show your collection. Under different sounds, bloggers show their collection of pop songs, simple dimples and squishes of all shapes and sizes.

— Do it yourself. Almost all popiters expand their collection, including through homemade anti-stress. The basis for them can be packages of pills, marshmallows, and balls with shaving foam inside are great as squishes.

And much more, we can definitely say that now this is a trend and any child will be very happy to become the owner of a new and inexpensive toy, which almost all children now play


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