The market for needlework and creativity is saturated with a variety of materials, thanks to which you can realize your creative potential, make a unique product, and even, as it is now fashionable to say, create new neural connections! Epoxy resin is a great material for many ideas and implementations! The Starlight team will tell you what epoxy is, where it is used and what unique effect it has.

Epoxy resin — what is it?

Epoxy resin — this is one of the types of synthetic resins, which, after combining with a hardener, turns into a solid, durable and insoluble polymer. Starlight Epoxy Resin is a two-component resin and hardener product that can be used for crafts, decorations and even furniture.

Applications of Starlight Epoxy

Epoxy resin Starlight has a wide range of applications and is in demand in a variety of fields! Besides, epoxy resin crafts and Starlight kits are a great gift for birthday, new year, valentine’s day, and also christmas. With Starlight epoxy you can:

  • make furniture and interior items — countertops, tables from slabs, cabinets, clocks and much more
  • draw pictures — unusual abstractions and pictures with 3D effect
  • create unique handmade jewelry — rings, pendants, earrings, bracelets that will not only complement the image, but also emphasize your individuality.
  • making a souvenir or a fake is a great DIY gift that everyone will like!

Precautionary measures

Epoxy resin for creativity Starlight is a safe and easy to use product, however, whether it is polyester resin or epoxy, for proper and safe use, it is important to remember the following precautions:

  • Use an apron and nitrile gloves. Avoid getting the resin on your skin and clothing.
  • Use a maskand work in a ventilated area. Any resin has a mild chemical odor.
  • Protect your workplace. Cover your work surface with stretch film, oilcloth, or newspaper to avoid getting epoxy on it. Once the epoxy hardens, it won’t be easy to remove!
  • Use goggles when polishing. It is important to prevent dust from grinding from getting into the mucous membrane of the eye, as this can lead to irritation and even an allergic reaction.
  • Monitor the room temperature. Optimal — + 18 + 24 degrees. Celsius. Remember, temperature affects resin polymerization.

After curing the epoxy Starlight is absolutely safe and non-toxic material! Moreover, Starlight epoxy resin is a product of our own production, which has a certificate of conformity!

What can be useful in working with resin?

The required number of tools are included in the creative kit Starlight, however, you may always need additional tools and supplies:

  • Disposable tableware — spatulas and cups — there are never too many of them!
  • Molds and silicone moldssoft flexible forms will allow you to give the epoxy the desired shape and volume.
  • Scales — use scales, to maintain the correct proportions when mixing the two-component resin.
  • Remedies — mask or respirator, tablecloth, stretch film, apron and disposable gloves — all this will allow you to avoid irritation or allergic reactions, as well as damage to clothes and surfaces.
  • Burner or corrector — bubbles may form when mixing and working with the resin. To remove them, you can use a special corrector spray or a gas burner.
  • Pigmentdye, filler — use to make your product unique and unusual.
  • Product protection — something that, during drying, will prevent dust and other substances from entering the surface.
  • Polishing paste, sandpaper — items for polishing the resin and bringing your product to perfect condition.

How to work with Starlight Epoxy

  • Pour components A (resin) and B (hardener) in a ratio of 2:1 — mixing time 5 minutes.
  • Mix the two ingredients thoroughly. To obtain the desired shade, add the dye one drop at a time while mixing.
  • Pour the resulting mixture into silicone molds, molds or apply on the surface in a convenient way.

art therapeutic effect

At all times, needlework and creative work have served humanity as a tool not only in self-expression, the transfer of the cultural code, but also had a huge art therapeutic effect. Back in 1938, the doctor and artist Arthur Hill, working with tuberculosis patients, noted how creative activities favorably affect the recovery of his patients. Hill’s research has resulted in a whole direction, art therapy, which is great for helping people cope with severe shocks, traumatic experiences, and various illnesses. Through art and art therapy, which also includes working with epoxy resin, a person can explore the state of his mental and physical health, correct emotions, and simply experience the joy of the creative creative process.


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