A novelty in the world of massage slippers. EVA massage slippers have a massage effect and a healing effect on the entire body and nervous system. These soft, lightweight and incredibly comfortable slippers with a special textured surface will help relieve tension in the legs after a hard day’s work, acting on all acupuncture points. Foot massage will help relieve swelling, improve blood circulation. Massage slippers stimulate blood microcirculation and lymph flow. Massage slippers sit well on the leg, do not slip, relax the legs, relieve stress. Massage slippers will be a great gift for family and friends who care about health. Massage slippers can be worn at home in the country, taken with you on vacation to the hotel, to the pool or to the maternity hospital. Slippers with massage effect are made of EVA material. Easy to maintain and easy to wash. Acupuncture Slippers Massage Slippers with Ribbed Insole Slippers Rubber Slippers EVA Slippers Women Mens Home Garden Pool Fitness Water Park


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