After a hard day’s work, locked in, sometimes in uncomfortable shoes, our feet deserve a rest. They must always be healthy, rested and free from pain in order to withstand all the stress that they will be subjected to during the day. A great way to restore strength and beauty is relaxing baths with salt from the ECO cosmetics brand MolkaMolka.

Benefits of foot salt include:

  • analgesic effect. Salt has an anti-inflammatory effect and relieves discomfort;
  • reduction of sweating and elimination of an unpleasant smell. Salt effectively fights the actual problem — the consequences of prolonged wearing of uncomfortable and tight shoes;
  • strengthening immunity and toning. Foot baths with salt are widely used as a prophylactic for respiratory diseases;
  • elimination of heaviness and tension, swelling and muscle pain. Discomfort disappears within a couple of minutes after lowering the legs into the bath;
  • active ingredients help fight stress by reducing infectious and inflammatory processes;
  • soften rough skin and calluses;
  • fight against insomnia. Baths with sea salt, made in the evening, provide a deeper and longer sleep, which is both soothing and invigorating;
  • restoration of water balance. Sea salt helps the body balance minerals properly and release retained water. Electrolytes in tissues, blood, body fluids and urine ensure the normal functioning of the nervous, cardiovascular system, brain and muscle structures;
  • body detoxification. Salt cleanses the body and detoxifies the skin by neutralizing toxic substances. The exfoliative properties of the procedure help to get rid of dead skin cells and excess sebum (sebum).

There are a number of rules to follow for maximum effect:

  • Before the procedure, it is necessary to prepare the legs, wash them with detergents.
  • Add sea salt to a container and fill it with water. Water should be close to hot, but comfortable for you. The optimum temperature regime is 35-37 ° C.
  • The procedure should be carried out no more than 25 minutes.
  • Pat your feet dry with a towel.
  • To fix the result, apply a nourishing cream.


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