But first, a little prologue.

The OnestWear team is made up entirely of girls. And, of course, we all wear underpants of our brand with great pleasure. We did not face a choice: should we buy them? Is it safe? How it works? Some of us caught fire with the mere idea of ​​the existence of such underwear, and someone found out about its features already “in battle”, being an employee of the brand.

In this sense, we were very lucky — we did not fight with objections. On the contrary: we fell in love with our product in practice, and were shocked by how many girls not only doubt it, but even perceive it with hostility.

But we understand them! Although now we only think about how to convey our truth to the world: do you know that feeling when you discovered something cool, but you can’t show it to anyone right here and now? We cannot show you how our underwear works right here and now. But we will try very hard to tell about it in as much detail as possible, based on your questions.

There are doubts about how convenient it is to use such a product: the pad can be easily changed, but what about underpants? I won’t change in public toilets.
This is the most popular and fair objection that we have had to deal with. But let’s go in order.

Underpants do not have to be changed every 2-4 hours because:

They can be worn throughout the day. Most likely this will not be the first day of menstruation — for most of the women this day is excessively abundant, and the amount of discharge increases the 10 ml that most of our models are capable of. But starting from the second and third days — absorbent underpants are indispensable.

1) They have a high absorption rate and “seal” moisture inside.

While using underpants, you will not encounter a situation where, having gone to the restroom, you urgently want to change them, as is the case with a pad. Their surface will be dry, and the trace of blood will be invisible.

2) They are breathable.

During the day of using the panties, you will not feel discomfort: diaper rash and irritation, which we often experience when using an air-blocking pad, are excluded.

3) They do not emit an unpleasant odor: due to air circulation, the blood dries quickly. Bacteria, which usually bring all such troubles with them, simply do not have time to multiply in this environment. We don’t give them a reason.

Are they sure they won’t run? I have heard about your gusset, but I «leak» in completely different places.

The chance that the underpants will leak is acceptable only in the case of very heavy menstruation. As a rule, this is the first and second days of menstruation. During menstruation, a woman loses no more than 4 tablespoons of blood (we know, it looks more impressive). As a rule, most volume leaves on the first day.

The absorbency of OnestWear panties is 10 ml (15 ml in the “Sleep” model). This is about the same as one tablespoon. It would be very convenient to lose a spoon a day and “catch” it with cowards, but, unfortunately, nature decreed otherwise: on the first day, we can lose two spoons, and the rest will stretch for all subsequent ones.

It is almost impossible to leak in other places due to the high absorption rate, which we wrote about above. In the case of a gasket, the liquid can sort of roll off if the gasket is overfilled. Briefs instantly absorb and distribute moisture inside throughout the day. And, unlike pads, they cannot “get off”, peel off and fail in every possible way: they tightly fit the body and just do their job.

And we also develop and adapt our models for different periods of activity, knowing where to strengthen protection, because we also “leaked” before. For example, in the «Sleep» model, the gusset is enlarged in front and behind — especially for those who like to sleep on their stomachs or on their backs. And in the «classic» model, there is double protection on the side, since during the day there are usually leaks in this area.

And is it safe at all?

Underpants are not only safe compared to tampons, which are risky for TSS, and pads, which are irritating. Their breathability and absorption rate do not give bacteria a chance to appear in this environment. We also took care of the composition of the panties: the fabrics adjacent to the intimate area are completely natural and hypoallergenic.

Of course, in any case, there are exceptions and a place for individual intolerance. Luckily, we haven’t experienced anything like this yet.

Yes, and all our underwear has the required quality certificates.

How are they washed off? And do they wash off at all?

We recommend washing panties immediately after use: first rinse with cold water — this is the best way to remove the blood, in hot water it coagulates and it becomes much more difficult to remove it; and then machine wash at 30-40° with your regular detergent. Modern washing powders and gels do an excellent job of removing dirt and germs even at not the highest temperatures, so you don’t have to worry about washing them off.

We recommend drying them inside out so that the waterproof layer does not prevent the gusset from drying out as quickly as possible.

Of course, briefs have their own wear life: if used during your period and properly cared for, they can last you more than two years.

This seems to be all the objections we have encountered so far.

If you have any questions, wishes and suggestions — be sure to write to us. We welcome any feedback.


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