What is the difference between a sports bra and a regular bra?

The «smart» cut of bras is responsible for the correct support of the breast. The chest in such a top during the most intense workouts remains fixed in place. Active sports become safer.

1. Cups.

The cup should be soft, most often pitted, seamless or complex cut. The outer layer of the cup is made from a breathable, low-elastic material to reduce chest fluctuations. The inner layer, which is adjacent to the body, is soft, delicate, absorbs sweat well.

The cups have a high neckline to completely cover the bust: a high-cut placket between the cups gives extra support.

There are bras with a side cut that connects to the shoulder strap. This design flattens the silhouette and gathers the chest, preventing friction against the arms.

2. Straps.

A huge role is played by the shape and structure of the straps. It should be ergonomically cut and widen at the middle of the shoulder. She must have a lining — to reduce pressure on the shoulder. Together with the back, properly tailored straps support the bust.

3. Instant perspiration.

All smart sports bras use a specially designed active perspiration system. Fabrics quickly absorb sweat and immediately remove it. The body stays dry. For additional air circulation, mesh inserts are often used on the back, sides and between the cups.

4. Functionality.

A sports top is a self-sufficient part of the image, and it does not need to be covered with clothes, like underwear.

How to choose a sports bra?

To choose the right sports bra, we suggest you follow these instructions:

1. When buying a sports bra, pay attention to the width of the straps. They should be wide, a few centimeters wide. These straps provide optimal support.

2. A sports bra must be made of a special material with mesh inserts that will ensure proper thermoregulation during physical exertion.

3. Pay attention to the width of the support band of the bra, which is located under the bust. The wider it is, the better the breast support will be.

4. Properly selected sports bra does not press anywhere, does not rub, does not sag and does not dig into the body. You won’t even feel your bra size.

How to wear a sports bra?

Do I need to wear a regular bra under a sports top? No, it doesn `t need. A sports bra completely replaces a regular bodice and is worn on a naked body. It can be worn as a top or paired with a T-shirt or tank top. It will look organic and stylish.

Can sports bras be worn every day?

Can. Sports bras have the correct anatomical cut, they are comfortable, provide a favorable climate for the skin.

Why are QUEEN INSIDE sports bras worth their price?

The Russian company QUEEN INSIDE enters the market as a manufacturer of professional sports bras that dampen breast vibrations during training, according to their estimates, by 78%, thereby providing comfort and maintaining women’s health.

QUEEN INSIDE clothing is a collection designed specifically for sports.

Product Features:

1. Outside piqué fabric, highly absorbent.

2. Inside — frotte microfiber.

3. High-cut placket between cups for added support.

4. Breathable mesh back.

Tops QUEEN INSIDE girls wear without a T-shirt.

The company sews high-quality sports underwear that is aesthetically pleasing and functional: it securely supports the chest and quickly wicks away sweat — and this is the main thing for women who lead an active lifestyle.


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