Massage candle — an aesthetic alternative to massage oil or special cream, made from natural ingredients, in a rigid container and with a cotton wick. Absolutely safe and easy to use, much more interesting than classic oils, while allowing you to add romance to any evening, make it special.

What is a massage candle? A massage candle is a kind of analogue of a massage tile, a mixture of pure oils with essential oils, placed in a tin or plastic jar with a lid, or in a ceramic jug. Most massage candles have a fairly good composition, the main ingredients are shea butter and coconut, just those oils that are usually in solid form, and additional ones — patchouli, ylang-ylang, grape seed oil, sesame tree, etc. All oils used to create a massage candle are natural and of the highest quality. What are the types of massage candles? At the heart of all massage candles are shea butter and coconut oil, so they differ:

  • By volume. Small — 30 ml, medium — 75, 100 and 120 ml, large — 150, 170, 200 ml.
  • By design. Minimalism, gift wrapping, handmade, box, etc.
  • Packing format. Compact with labels, in glass, in plastic cups in gift boxes.
  • By aromas. Fruity and floral, bright and subtle: cinnamon, apple, vanilla, chocolate, lotus, bourbon, pepper, mojito, bubblegum, champagne, etc.

Which option to choose for personal use?The one that you like visually and has a pleasant smell. It is better to focus on your own preferences, and not on reviews. Impressions about intimate cosmetics are always subjective.

What is a massage candle for? This is a great alternative to massage oils, while being more interesting and unusual. There are many aesthetes among people who love a beautiful life. Why not fall in love with a beautiful massage? The application looks very attractive. Fire helps to relax, warm wax relieves tension, and a special aroma teases and excites. In combination with gentle touches, the application becomes very interesting. In addition, due to the texture and high quality of natural oils in the composition, practically no harmful ingredients and impurities are added to massage candles, if you evaluate the list of ingredients, then a candle is often better than classic liquid massage oil.

Who exactly likes massage candles? The massage candle is very gentle, elegant and pleasant. An ordinary massage with her turns into a full-fledged spa treatment with subdued lights and magical aromas in the air, with warm touches and sliding of oily palms.

How to use a massage candle?

There are 2 most popular ways to use massage candles. The first is the most popular and simple, the second is long, but fascinating.

Method number 1

Open the lid of the candle, straighten the wick, set fire to it. Sometimes it may not light up right away, this is normal. When the wick is ignited and further heated, oils that are in solid form and imitate wax begin to melt. To get the most comfortable texture in the right amount, it is worth letting the candle burn out for two to five minutes (some melt a little longer and can be left for up to ten minutes, the condition can always be assessed visually), observing the transition of oils from solid to liquid. Based on the amount «melted» oil, with the confidence that it is enough for a massage, the candle should be put out. The optimal amount of oil for one person, for example, for a massage of one zone, is a tablespoon. Let the candle cool down a bit, stand for a while. You can touch the oil with your fingers, observe the reaction of the skin to its temperature. There is no need to be frightened, in a hurry, it is worth doing everything gradually and measuredly, with pleasure, the oil in the candle freezes far from immediately, there will be enough time for a massage. After you have made sure that the texture of the resulting oil is comfortable, you can start the massage, you can pour it both on the palm of your hand and immediately on the partner’s skin, smoothly and gradually distributing it over the entire area being worked out.

Method number 2

Break off a piece of solid composition from an unlit massage candle. A previously broken piece can be put in the refrigerator, then the sensations will be more interesting. You can even arrange a kind of transition from cold to hot, combining a cold piece with oil from a heated candle, you will get full-fledged temperature games. Warm up slightly in your palms, by analogy with a massage tile, and start massaging with a melted piece. Move it along the skin or hold it between your fingers, kneading your back or neck. Melting in this format, the oil will be much slower, but this is also a very interesting way.

How is a massage candle different from a regular one? This is not some special wax, it is a specially created mass from a mixture of natural oils. Due to this, it melts already from contact with warm palms, and its melting point is low.

  • A classic wax candle melts at t from 50 to 100 degrees, depending on the type of paraffin and the amount of impurities. If such a composition gets on the skin from a height of less than 40 cm, burns occur. Wax takes a long time to cool, can be dangerous.
  • Good quality pure paraffin wax (such as aromatic) usually requires a t of 36 to 55 degrees. Such a candle can be dripped from a height of 15 cm. But paraffin is not absorbed into the skin, but simply freezes on it. Hot drops give pleasant experiences, only with a large volume severe burns are possible.
  • Stearic melts at t from 55 to 72 degrees. May cause skin irritation; skin contact often causes irritation. It is forbidden to apply to tender places: genitals, face, neck.
  • Volume. Larger options are more expensive, but such candles are also used more economically, and the cost is more profitable.
  • Design. Externally, the models are very different, and since they are often left in a conspicuous place, it is worth buying a massage candle that will fit into the interior.

Frequently asked Questions:

How long does a massage candle last? It is difficult to answer this question unambiguously, since everyone has different oil consumption and frequency of use. If, for example, you massage 2-3 times a month, then a large massage candle with a volume of 200 ml will last for about a year. Candles of 50 ml are enough for several applications, they are more like a travel size, try, taste, get to know each other. Sometimes a small volume massage candle ends after 5-7 uses. But this is not a problem. Liked? Buy more, more. Large packaging is more economical, buying a massage candle with a volume of more than 200 ml is more profitable.

How much does a massage candle cost? When looking at massage candles, remember that a good composition cannot be cheap. Look at the prices for pure coconut oil or shea butter, and they are the main oils in the composition and are responsible for the solid structure. No, there will be no burn, natural oil melts at low temperatures.

And it’s not harmful?No, it’s not harmful. Carefully look at the composition of the massage candle — most of the ingredients are natural.

What is the difference between a candle and massage oil?? Format, composition, appearance. A candle makes the process of the massage itself more interesting, more pleasant — due to the temperature of the oil, more beautiful, in the end.

Why such a price of a massage candle? In its manufacture, natural oils are used, which are expensive in themselves, and sometimes a ceramic vessel. Sometimes the price is slightly inflated due to the prestige of the brand. Quality cannot be cheap.

Where to buy a quality candle, and not a fake?A massage candle is not a product that you can buy in the nearest supermarket or pharmacy. They are sold in specialized cosmetic stores or their representative offices on the marketplace. High-quality candles made from natural materials cost from 5,000 rubles per 1 piece. 200 ml, or from 1000 rubles for 50 ml.


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