Today even children know how important it is to protect the skin from solar radiation. But if, for some reason, you still don’t apply SPF when you leave the house, we’ll have to tell you what’s in store for you.

With the onset of the long-awaited summer, when solar activity reaches its peak, many of us often abuse sunbathing, lose their sense of proportion and sunbathe without restrictions: without sunscreen at the wrong hours.

This is absolutely impossible to do. You will not notice how the sun will cause burns, premature aging and skin diseases. That’s why it’s so important to choose the right SPF for you, with which you can safely spend time in the sun and get your portion of vitamin D.

Deoproce Hyaluronic Cooling Sun Gel SPF50+/PA+++

  • quickly absorbed without a sticky effect,
  • deeply moisturizes,
  • reliably protects from the negative effects of sunlight.

Hyaluronic acid, forms a continuous thin film on the surface of the skin, which retains the natural moisture of the skin. It is perfectly compatible with the skin, does not cause allergic reactions and irritation.

More information about the product can be found here: Deoproce Hyaluronic Cooling Sun Gel SPF50+/PA+++


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