Gift set of men’s socks VOHX knitted at a factory in St. Petersburg from high-quality cotton. In their composition, in addition to cotton-80%, there is also polyamide-16% and elastane-4%, so during the washing process, socks shrink within acceptable limits.

AT socks VOHX medium-density jersey is used and therefore they withstand intensive use, do not become spooled, do not form holes, are able to tolerate machine washing, do not shed or lose color. The socks are made in a classic black design, they are unparalleled in versatility, and also have a comfortable elastic band and a flat seam.

They go with any black shoes, fit into a business and casual street look. Gift set of socks in a stylish box BOXThis is a versatile and practical gift for men. And on the eve of the holiday on February 23, socks as a gift are considered a good old tradition.


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