A large number of people underestimate the importance of vitamin D3 from sports nutrition company ONE. Let’s understand a little about this question: Do you feel increased fatigue on those days of the year when there are fewer sunny days? This is also due to a lack of vitamin D3 in the tissues of the body: * «The main purpose of vitamin D in the human body is to ensure the absorption of calcium and phosphorus from food in the small intestine[1].» — as you can see, the lack of only 1 vitamin leads to disruption of the whole chain of microelement synthesis — this, in turn, consumes all the resources of your body very actively, hence we conclude that the body needs help and replenish the loss of the vitamin, here we can help you with pleasure and recommend vitamin D3 supplement from ONE brand

— ONE / Vitamin D D3 vitamin complex d3 for men women adults Vitamin D3 180 capsules D D3 600ME

One of the main advantages that we highlight in Vitamin D3 ONE is the dosage of vitamin D3 that is recommended by WHO for persons from 4 years old — 70 years old and a large number of capsules per jar — 180 capsules. You can easily vary the dosage of vitamin D3 you need. We use the smallest capsules we’ve ever found for our Vitamin D3 — so there’s absolutely no problem taking the vitamin!

Also, of course, I would like to note that the ONE sports nutrition brand has already been trusted by thousands of people all over Russia. Among our clients there are a large number of professional athletes and trainers, as well as those who are engaged in fitness, crossfit, martial arts, bodybuilding for health, soul and harmony — all categories of people need high-quality sports supplements and sports nutrition

By taking care of our health today, we are making an investment in the future of ourselves, our children and relatives. The team of the sports brand ONE wishes you success in your training and wishes you good health!


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