Surely everyone has heard about cubic zirkonia, that they are a replacement for diamonds. But few people know what it is and how they are produced. Let’s figure it out today.

Man’s race for beautiful shiny stones began many centuries ago and will never end. And all because each of us wants to have an iridescent gem. However, the glittering minerals are not enough for everyone. That is why synthetic stones appeared.

Fianite is an artificially grown mineral, which is zirconium dioxide. In appearance, this stone is little different from faceted zircon, but it has one feature: the refractive indices of cubic zirconia are very high, which makes it similar to diamond.

For the first time fianite was successfully synthesized in 1970 at the Physical Institute of the Academy of Sciences. Lebedev (FIAN) for use in laser sources. There the stone was given its name. Currently, many technologies have been developed for the manufacture of these substitutes for diamonds of different quality, composition, color and brilliance, however, the best stones are still made according to the old Soviet technology, which was developed back in FIAN.

Outwardly cubic zirconia is almost indistinguishable from a diamond. This is achieved by creating a special homogeneity of the mineral structure. It is possible to qualitatively separate diamond and cubic zirconia only by doing tests in the laboratory.

Cubic Zirconia has one striking advantage compared to diamonds — it is a lower price. The gem is inferior to the diamond only in two respects: hardness and durability.

With such properties, it is not surprising that cubic zirconias have become very common in jewelry. Jewelry with cubic zirkonia is popular because it allows everyone to feel that same diamond shine on themselves.

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