It seems to be a familiar product — honey. And what do you know about him, besides the fact that bears love him and bees make him?

We decided to fill in the gaps in «honey education» and tell you 10 interesting facts about honey. You definitely didn’t know that!

  • The word «honey» has roots from Hebrew languages ​​and is translated as «magic charm».
  • Honey is quite heavy. Its one liter weighs about one and a half kilograms.
  • Astronauts have essential foods in their diet. So honey is one of them.
  • Real bee honey is quite similar in composition to human blood plasma. Because it contains all the useful trace elements we need.
  • In the ancient Slavic books on accounting, it was indicated that it was necessary to pay fines with honey, money or cattle. Honey in general is an ancient currency. They, like money, were used in ancient Rome and in ancient Egypt.
  • Medieval alchemist monks believed that honey was a liquid version of the philosopher’s stone, the elixir of immortal life.
  • Honey was used during World War II to heal wounds, even those infected with Staphylococcus aureus.
  • On August 14, Russia celebrates the Honey Savior. Earlier on this day, honey was eaten only after it was consecrated in the church as a token of gratitude to God for the next harvest.
  • Honey nourishes the brain well, so it is recommended for those who are engaged in active mental work. Students before a difficult exam are advised to eat a lemon with honey.
  • The bear knows the most about honey, because it is he who “knows” honey. Ask him if everything we told is true! ☺


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