Upholstery for furniture, like clothes for people, is very important. Beauty and comfort, practicality and durability are the main requirements for modern furniture fabrics.

When you buy a chair, you want it to be durable, fashionable, stylish, and of course, the fabric must meet all of these standards of quality and aesthetics.

Chairs in different types of fabrics are often found in modern interiors. Let’s explore the most fashionable trends.

Leatherette. KOZHZAM.

Of course, leatherette has both pluses and minuses. The advantages of a substitute based on polypropylene: breathability; strength; elasticity; Low cost.

Leatherette is the first substitute for animal skin. There are many types of this material, but their manufacturing technologies differ slightly. The basis of artificial leatherette is polyvinyl chloride (PVC), reinforced with fabric.

A high-quality leather substitute is practically in no way inferior to the original, but still has several drawbacks. It is afraid of prolonged contact with water — deformation is possible, a sharp change in temperature leads to cracking or detachment of the upper layer. Pets can ruin furniture upholstery with their claws, and leatherette is also flammable.


Microfiber and flock are made using the same technology as microvelour.

To the touch, these materials are also almost indistinguishable. The difference between them is in appearance. Flock is more like suede. It is durable, does not shed, but needs more careful care than microvelour.


Some buyers also compare microvelour with matting. This fabric is made from polyester. It is highly durable and repels dirt and moisture.

The difference between matting and micro-velor is in appearance. The first is similar to burlap. It is also worth noting that this raised weave fabric is not particularly resistant to animal claws. Therefore, pets can quickly damage the upholstery of a new sofa.


This very beautiful fabric has a variety of patterns, but it wears out faster and becomes unusable. Therefore, products with such upholstery should be bought home for people leading a calm lifestyle. Families with small children or pets should choose furniture with micro-velour upholstery.

Microvelor It is a soft yet durable material. It appeared quite recently, but in a few years managed to gain popularity among buyers. They love it for its luxurious appearance and practicality.

It is made up of cotton, polyester and nylon. The material is produced on modern high-tech equipment. Special impregnations are immediately applied to the surface of the fabric. Thanks to this, the material is well protected from moisture and dust. Impregnation also has an anti-vandal effect. Therefore, furniture upholstered with microvelor is protected from the sharp claws of cats and other pets.

Our production MF Assembly uses only proven fabrics for its chairs. We use micro-velours for upholstery.

The MF Assembly uses Kangu and Alpha microsuede. These fabrics have

high gentle pile that gives a pleasant velvety and volume, and a varied color card gives a large selection of classic and trendy shades. In addition, velor is perfectly cleaned, preserving the beauty of the furniture for a long time.

Orleans chairs, with Ivory Kangoo beige upholstery and decorative tie on the back, are a great choice for a modern interior. It is quite compact, and therefore suitable even for a small room. The legs of the chair are made of metal and painted in white gold color.


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