Probably, many of us, waking up with bags under the eyes and swelling, try to correct the situation with patches. In other words, «pads» on the face with nutrients. But if you have only recently entered the world of patches, how not to get lost in the huge variety? We have prepared a small guide for you!

Patches from edema — the most popular

For the delicate area around the eyes, hydrogel patches with collagen, cucumber extract or vitamin C are best suited: they perfectly adhere to the skin due to the elastic “pattern”, improve blood circulation and brighten the skin in the delicate area. To combat puffiness, you can use products with algae in the composition — they are considered the most effective component of lymphatic drainage. Also, to combat swelling, you can put cold patches on your face. To do this, simply send the jar to «spend the night» in the refrigerator.

Anti-aging patches

The most useful and studied are hyaluronic acid, vitamin E and silver, because they have the treasured antioxidant effect. Therefore, try to look for these elements in the liquid composition of the patches. True, in order to notice how they work, you will have to turn the beauty ritual into a daily routine. For example, 10-15 minutes in the morning before makeup and 25-30 minutes after washing in the evening. In anti-aging care, the main thing is constancy.

Patches from the well-known manufacturer ZOZU will help you cope with swelling, and with regular use, they can provide anti-aging care to your skin around the eyes.

Lip patches

The main purpose of lip patches is to remove peeling, prevent the appearance of cracks and prepare the lips for makeup, because it is easier to apply lipstick or gloss on a moistened surface. Glycerin, algae, honey are usually added inside such products — in general, anti-aging, soothing and moisturizing ingredients that you find in ordinary lip balms. However, patches give a more effective finish than balms, as they create a greenhouse effect and work to more intensively saturate tissues with moisture.

Acne and inflammation stickers

Also a kind of patches! Such colorless «stickers» from acne, redness, inflammation and other things, as a rule, contain tea tree extract, glycolic acid, grape seeds. They are recommended to be placed at night at the site of inflammation, and removed in the morning. Perhaps this method will not completely eliminate the problem (especially if an internal, subcutaneous traitor has formed), but they will certainly reduce redness and irritation. These patches are best to get in case of emergency.


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