If creams and masks can be compared to food for our skin, tonic is its “water”. ACCOJE Moisturizing Korean Facial Toner is the final cleansing step. It eliminates the remnants of cosmetics and other impurities, removes the remnants of cleansers. The main purpose of this product is to equalize the pH of the skin and prepare it for further application of care products.

The moisturizing tonic contains black radish extract, which moisturizes and gives radiance to the skin. It also includes natural oils and nutrients. They help to get rid of dryness, peeling and feeling of tightness.

How to use a cleansing tonic?

Use the tonic twice a day: after washing with gel (art. 15053069) or foam (art. 15053075) — in the morning, and after removing make-up — in the evening.
Apply the tonic to a clean cotton pad and gently cleanse the skin, moving in the direction of the massage lines.
You don’t need to rinse off the toner.
There is no overdose of tonic!
Apply moisturizer (art. 15053076)


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