Fashionable bracelets can make any image bright and expressive. The trend is jewelry with an unusual design, which hides a «secret meaning», thanks to which the jewelry turns into a real talisman. Let’s find out what other bracelets are in fashion right now to find a stylish option for yourself or as a gift.

Stones… stones.

Delicate shades of natural stones (blue, pink) will become popular this season. They perfectly match the spirit of the time and are able to say everything for you. Harmony and tenderness of color is the key goal of the design of products made from natural stones. Fashionable bracelets in a laconic design not just complement the bow, but express the key idea of ​​the image, showing your individuality to the maximum.


Already classic bracelets made of natural pearls — not just a decoration, but a personal talisman. Previously, pearls were considered the stone of wealthy people, but nowadays everyone can afford natural pearls. The undying fashion for pearl bracelets is more relevant than ever this summer.

with charms

And it is better with one single charm, for example, in the form of a heart, a month, a star. Pendants emphasize thin ankles and make the look incredibly feminine. The variety of fashionable bracelets is impressive, but you can trace something in common with popular trends. Namely: a tendency towards simplicity, unity of form and meaning, irony, light grotesque and childish naivety. Choose your option, and do not be afraid of experiments, because they help to create a unique style!


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