Music can safely be called one of the greatest assets of mankind. It is difficult to imagine at least one day without a variety of ordered musical sounds that have such a significant effect on our mood and general condition.

However, often we want to not only listen to music, but also create it, thereby feeling some involvement in something more. After all, life with creativity acquires completely different, brighter colors than without it.

But what if many of us are not musicians, but someone even thinks that he has no ear for music?

Somewhere in the middle of the 2000s of this century, musical instruments began to appear for the first time with a perfectly harmonious sound. One of the most modern versions of such an instrument has a concise and original name Fimbo.

What is Fimbo and how does it help develop musicality and ear?

Fimbo is a tonal-reed drum. It was created about three years ago and is related to the glucophone, both instruments are representatives of the class of percussion idiophones.

Fimbo has a nice streamlined shape made entirely of metal. The weight of the tool varies from 2.7 to 4 kg and depends on the size of the tool, which is presented in two types: 27 cm and 32 cm in diameter, as indicated on the tool website.

This musical instrument is suitable for people of completely different ages. As they say, from small to large.

Sound extraction is carried out by hitting the reeds with percussion sticks or fingers. The kit already includes bamboo sticks that provide the brightest shade of sound. Each tongue is different in size from each other and has its own sound frequency.

The attractiveness of Fimbo lies in its 100% harmony and the impossibility of making a mistake. In other words, you will always hit the right note. No matter which tongue you hit, stroke or click, you will definitely get a cosmically attractive and soothing sound.

In the unique sound of Fimbo lies a kind of life hack for developing an ear for music, as well as relieving stress and restless thoughts that have such a negative impact on the human psycho-emotional state.

And why, in general, to develop hearing?

Every day a person is buried in an abundance of pragmatism, numbers and scrupulousness. On the one hand, this is a natural everyday reality, but the problem lies in the fact that very often we lack that very flight of fantasies that will discover something new in life and bring our seemingly ordinary and habitual actions to a higher level.

Fimbo is a symbiosis of percussive actions and melody, which means that, together with a melodic ear, a sense of rhythm and concentration develop.

After 5-15 minutes of playing the instrument, that very pleasant feeling of fruitful creation and creativity appears. The development of musical ear is carried out due to the easily perceived sound of the instrument and the resonant entry into the harmonica of outgoing sounds.

All this helps to stimulate areas of the right hemisphere of the brain, and hence the overall improvement in human cognitive abilities.

Thus, Fimbo is a universal instrument that very easily launches the process of general human development by approaching music. The instrument will help you find new positive sensations due to its simplicity and natural sound. Everyone will find something close and attractive in it.


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