The child often asks questions such as:

  • Why yesterday we walked and rode the merry-go-round, and today we have to go to kindergarten???
  • And when is the weekend???
  • Mom, you promised to buy a toy soon! And when will it be???
  • You said that I would not watch cartoons for three days, and a lot of time has already passed!
  • How many days until my birthday????

These are questions that parents are probably starting to hear more and more often from their children at the age of about 4 years.

And this is quite true, from about 4 years old children begin to form abstract thinking, and at this age you can already study the calendar!

But this is often difficult to do without any additional benefits. It is really difficult for a child to understand when it will be «the day after tomorrow». Here you need to see clearly.

How the training calendar can help:

— clearly show the seasons

— months of each season (that there are 3 of them and their names. By the way, children easily remember them in this way)

— they will clearly see when this or that event occurs (for this, the calendar has special colored plates indicating a specific event)

— the child will learn to distinguish between weekdays and weekends, will be able to easily remember their names

— will see the difference in time: how quickly a new day comes, a new month, the season changes and a new year comes!


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