To sleep comfortably, and in the morning your back or neck does not hurt, choose the right folding bed! The main criterion in choosing a folding bed is the base.

The most popular bed bases are metal mesh and wooden slats. Consider the benefits of these rollaway bed bases.


Closed-weave steel mesh will last longer. The cot is expected to be used frequently. Such folding beds are purchased, for example, for seasonal workers. And since the mesh is metal, then it will serve longer without sagging than with a stretched canvas. The galvanized basis is protected from corrosion.


Lamels, or as they are also called “armours”, are bent wooden plates that bend and absorb the weight of the lying person. Usually birch lamellas are used. Folding beds on slats are those orthopedic folding beds that, by definition, are designed so that your back is even, fatigue is removed in a dream, and you do not leave the feeling that you are sleeping on an ordinary bed.

Bent-glued bed slats on the bed frame are inserted into special fasteners — “pockets”, in which they can slightly unbend under the weight of the person lying. Usually they can withstand a weight of 120-180 kg, but with a load equally distributed.

Each of the slats flexes under the mattress exactly where there is more weight, which allows you to evenly distribute the weight and keep the spine straight. Which, of course, will have a beneficial effect on sleep — it will be strong, comfortable. And of course, the lamellas support the much-needed heat and moisture exchange. Uniform ventilation from below is a prerequisite so that moisture from the body does not condense in the mattress.


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