There is no truth in the legs. But they often have a feeling of fatigue after a long day at work, heaviness and even pain. The best solution to the problem is to spend the evening with a cool foot bath, but there is a more effective and multifunctional remedy — foot patch patches.

Patches are attached to the feet in the sensitive area, where the most active penetration into the skin of beneficial substances from a special herbal composition. The composition is in a small paper sachet, similar to a tea bag. Patches can be used by both women and men, there are no age restrictions either.

If you stick patches at night, you can immediately get several useful results:

— relieve feelings of fatigue

— reduction of puffiness

— improved quality of sleep

— Reducing restless legs syndrome

— reduction of snoring

— slight pressure drop

— general improvement in well-being in the morning and throughout the day

— reduced risk of varicose veins

The patches contain plant extracts — mint, artichoke, wormwood, medlar, tourmaline powder, coal, chitin, as well as camphor and bamboo vinegar. This rich, and most importantly, natural formula penetrates deep into the skin and provides a wide range of benefits, helping you feel lighter in your legs and improve your well-being.

The order in which patches are used is as follows:

1. The skin of the feet must be clean and dry before use. It is best to apply patches before going to bed.

2. Remove the protective coating from the patch. Remove the herbal sachet from the sachet and place it in the middle of the patch, turning the sachet with the mesh side up.

3. Glue the patch with the sachet to the soles of the feet, placing it in the middle. Often in the package you can find special instructions with active stop points, where it is better to attach the patches.

4. After 6-8 hours, remove the patch and gently wipe the skin from the remnants of the contents of the sachet. Wash feet if necessary.

5. Apply 2-3 times a week with a course of at least 5 procedures for the full manifestation of the desired effects.

Foot patches are another of the natural remedies that are brought from the east, in particular from Thailand. Whitening pastes, herbal balms, silkworm cocoons, and now foot patches have become available to us.

Take care of your feet, your health and well-being. And your body will be grateful to you, answer you with long and healthy years of life!


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